Morgan Monroe State Forest, Indiana

Tom Stienstra, Won't You Please Be True

On Valentine's Day, the San Francisco Chronicle published a column by outdoor columnist Tom Stienstra, who said he had suddenly become aware of a report that has been mandated by law for decades: CDFW's Annual Mountain Lion Necropsy Report.

Rather than doing a little research, or considering the contents in context, Stienstra sensationalized the report to inflame the public's fear of mountain lions. Perhaps his resulting column was a gift to the few remaining trophy hunters who still yearn to bag a big tom in the Golden . . .

National Park Service Speaks Out: Event Tonight in the Santa Monicas


Please join us tonight in Agoura Hills for a free workshop on living with mountain lions in the Santa Monica mountains. With P-45's life on the line for suspected depredation there's never been a better time to come learn about lions and how to protect livestock and pets.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the National Park Service and the Mountain Lion Foundation will host an informational workshop . . .

mountain lion cougar puma catamount panther
all the same animal!

Whatever you call America's Lion...

he's more than a trophy...
too few in numbers...
across far less habitat...
in a land with more people.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered about Mountain Lions

NEW BOOK: Stalking Los Angeles

By Tom Berquist

As part of a special spring promotion, and thanks to Tom Berquist, we are offering a free electronic copy of his new book Stalking Los Angeles for donations of $15 or more. You'll receive access to the e-book through Smashwords and have the satisfaction of knowing you helped save the life of a mountain lion in the wild.

Photograph of lion walking through autumn leaves.

The American Lion:
Biology and Behavior

Spend just eight minutes and learn little known facts about the fascinating mountain lion. Get a glimpse of how a mountain lion thinks, feels, and senses. What makes the mountain lion so adaptable to a wide variety of habitats? How does their hunting differ from that of wolves and bears? What is their relationship to the ecosystem?
Photograph of two autumn leaves, green and bright crimson.

ON AIR: Will Stolzenburg about his New Book

5/5/16 An Audio Interview with Julie West, MLF Broadcaster

Heart of a Lion explores the incredible journey of one mountain lion across the eastern United States.


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