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Over the last 20 years, the Habitat Conservation Fund has protected more than one million acres of wildlife habitat -- land critical to some of California' most awesome residents. Listed below, by county, is a partial list of the special places protected thus far.

     Aquatic Park
     Del Valle Lakeside Trails
     Galster Nature Program
     Garin Ranch
     Las Trampas Corridor Acquistion
     Las Trampas Regional Wilderness/ Clean Property Acquistion
     Lion Creek Restoration
     Oliver Property
     Oro Loma Marsh
     San Francisco Bay Wildlife Area
     Sausal Creek Restoration
     Seminary Creek Restoration
     Sunol/Ohlone Wilderness Area
     Yunus Property Acquisition
     Heenan Lake
     Red Lake Wildlife Area
     Sutter Creek Riparian Restoration
     Butte Creek House Ecological Reserve Restoration
     Butte Valley Wildlife Area 
     Coon Hollow Wildlife Area Restoration
     Dry Creek Wetlands
     Gray Lodge Wildlife Area & Water Distribution System
     Honcut Creek Expansion 
     Honcut Creek Wildlife Conservation Area
     Honcut Creek WLA
     M&T/Parrott Pumping Station and Fish Screen
     Mill Creek/Gray Lodge Wildlife Area
     Rancho Rio Chico 
     Sacramento Valley Rice Roller Project
     Thermalito Afterbay Habitat Restoration
     Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area
     Victor Ranch
     Wetland Conservation Easement Program
     Sheep Ranch Wildlife Area
     Swiss Ranch
     North Sacramento Wetlands
     Sacramento Valley Rice Roller Project
     Upper Sacramento River WA
     Wilmarth Wetlands
Contra Costa	
     Bayfront Park Wetlands
     Civic Park
     Davis Park Footbridge
     Edwards Creek Enhancement
     Franklin Ridge
     Lafayette Nature Trail
     Martinez Marine Nature Preserve
     Porter Ranch
     Round Valley Preserve
     San Pablo Bay
     Sessions Road Trail
     Sky Ranch
     Wildcat Creek
     Wildcat Creek Trail
Del Norte	 
     Salmon and Steelhead Habitat
     Klamath River Plan
     Lake Earl
     Mill Creek Watershed Habitat Restoration
     Terwer Creek Riparian Restoration
     West Branch Mill Creek Riparian Restoration
El Dorado	
     Angora Creek Stream Environment Zone Restoration Project
     Basin-wide Fisheries Habitat Assessment
     Cascade Lake Front and Wildlife Habitat
     Conservation Strategy for Tahoe Yellow Cress 
     Environment Zone Restoration Project
     Dollar Creek Wildlife Habitat Acquisition
     General Creek Wildlife Habitat Enhancement & Restoration
     Henningsen-Lotus Park
     Offshore Fish Habitat Enhancement Project
     Pine Hill Ecological Reserve
     Riparian Ecosystem Assessment and Enhancement Project
     Salmon Falls Ecological Reserve
     Sly Park Bridge
     Spivey Pond
     Sunset Stables
     Trout Creek
     Upper Truckee River and Wetland Restoration Project
     Washoe Meadows Wildlife Enhancement Project
     Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project Development Activities
     Willow Flycatcher Habitat Area
     Basin D Lake Park
     Cesar 1. Pleasant Valley
     Kings River Nature Trail
     Kings River Riparian Area
     Lewis S. Eaton Trail
     Mendota Waterline 
     Mendota Wildlife Area
     Millerton Lake State Recreation Area
     Pleasant Valley
     San Joaquin River Riparian Habitat
     Tamarack Meadows Riparian Restoration
     Ten Mile Creek
     Wheatville Farms Wetland Restoration
     Woodward Park Trail
     Brood Water and Wetland Enhancement
     Mad Creeks
     North Sacramento Wetlands
     Sacramento River Wildlife Area Riparian Enhancement
     Sacramento Valley Rice Roller Project
     South Forkwillow Creek
     Stony Creek Watershed Restoration 
     Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area
     Salmon and Steelhead Habitat
     Bracut Marsh Monitoring 
     Bridge Creek Salmon/Steelhead Restoration
     Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Project 
     Eel River Agricultural Enhancement
     Eel River Wildlife Area Restoration
     Eureka Slough Wildlife Area
     Humboldt Bay Estuary Restoration Workshop
     Jewett Creek
     Klamath River Plan
     Manila Dunes Recreation Area Trail & Access Interpretive Project
     Manila Dunes Wetland Habitat
     Mill Creek Acquisition
     Mill Creek/Gray Lodge Wildlife Area
     Prairie Creek Riparian Enhancement
     Sequoia Park HC Access
     Stream Restoration and Fishery Enhancement Project
     Trinity River Restoration
     Coyote/Buttermilk Areas Stream Restoration
     Goodale/Taboose Creek Trout Enhancement
     Canebrake Ecological Reserve Public Access - South Fork Kern River
     Commanche Narrative Trail
     LoKern Ecological Reserve
     Meadowbrook Park Trail
     Tulare Basin Wetland Restoration
     Anderson Marsh State Historic Park
     Loch Lomond Vernal Pool Ecological Reserve
     Rodman Ranch
     Wilson Valley Wildlife Area
     Burton Ranch Wetland Restoration
     Ash Creek Wildlife Area
     Hallelujah Junction Wildlife Area
     Honey Lake Valley Wetland Habitat Restoration
     Susanville RR Depot Trail
Los Angeles	
     Backbone Trail
     Ballona Lagoon
     Blind Canyon
     Cahuenga Pass -- Lakeridge
     California Trout Post Fire Study
     Catalina Island Habitat Restoration
     Cold Creek Canyon
     Davies Property
     East Canyon -- Avaness
     East Canyon -- Holland
     Escondido Canyon -- Fairfax 
     Glendale Wilderness Education
     Hazard Park Wetlands
     Hondo Canyon
     Klondike Canyon Ecological Reserve
     La Sierra Canyon Sensitive Species
     Las Flores Canyon
     Lois Ewen Scenic Overlook
     Los Angeles Reen Vision Plan
     Los Cerritos Wetlands
     Malibu Creek State Park Addition
     Malibu Lagoon
     Mandeville Canyon -- Eastport
     Palos Verdes Peninsula Ecological Reserve
     Paramount Ranch
     Placerita Canyon Land Acquisition
     Red Rock Canyon Addition
     Restore Malibu Lagoon to Improve Habitat Function
     Runyon Canyon Trail
     Sachan Property Acquistion
     Salinas de San Pedro Marsh
     Santa Clara River Enhancement Plan
     Santa Clarita Wetlands
     Santa Monica Bay Wetland Monitoring
     Santa Susana Mountains
     Topanga Canyon
     Towsley Canyon -- Brandon
     Towsley Canyon -- Rivendale
     Vasquez Rocks Land Acquisition
     Wetlands of La Sierra
     White Point Nature Preserve
     Whittier Hills Park
     Willows Wetland Nature Area Trail Improvements
     Fine Gold Creek
     Kinsman Flat Wildlife Area
     San Joaquin River Riparian Habitat
     Bolinas Lagoon
     Burbank Ranch
     Hamilton Wetlands
     Petaluma Marsh Wildlife Area 
     Scottsdale Marsh
     Sorich Ranch Park Accessible Trailhead
     Stemple Creek Riparian Restoration
     Tomales Bay -- Millerton Point Property
     Walker Creek
     Garcia River
     Mendocino Coast
     Navarro Baylands
     Sinkyone Wilderness
     Spring Ranch
     Stream Restoration and Fishery Enhancement Project 
     Van Damme State Park/Spring Ranch
     Accornero Wetland Restoration
     Bardin Ranch Wetland Restoration
     Duck Slough & Flynn Ranch Habitat Restoration
     East Grasslands Wetlands Enhancement/Restoration
     Elworthy Wetland Habitat Restoration
     Frog Pond Wetland Habitat Restoration
     Grasslands Ecological Reserve
     Greenhouse Ranch Wetland Restoration
     Los Banos Wildlife Area
     Mud Slough Wetlands
     Mud Slough Wildlife Area
     Newman Land Company Wetland Restoration
     North Grasslands Wildlife Area
     Owens Creek Habitat Restoration
     Roberts Ranch Wetland Enhancement
     Salt Slough
     Santa Cruz Land and Cattle
     Snobird Ranch
     Stillbow Water Delivery System
     Volta Wildlife Area
     Ash Creek Wildlife Area
     Butte Valley Wildlife Area
     Clover Swale Conservation Easement
     Pilot Butte Wetlands
     Pine Creek Wildlife Area
     Bodie Bowl Ecological Reserve
     Bodie State Historic Park/Galactic Property
     Conway Ranch
     Cottonwood Creek Paiute Cutthroat Habitat 
     East Walker River Wildlife Area
     Green Creek Wildlife Area
     Mammoth Creek Riparian
     O'Harrel Creek
     Pickel Meadow Wildlife Area Restoration
     Small Meadows Wildlife Area
     West Walker River Fish Ladder
     Cesar Chavez Community Park
     Carmel River Enhancement Plan
     Carmel River Spawning Habitat
     Elkhorn Slough Santa Cruz Tarplant Reserve
     Lime Kiln Project
     Marlin Dunes
     McClusky Slough Ecological Reserve
     Monterey Bay Seashore Acquisition
     Monterey State Beach/Sand City Addition
     Moro Cojo Slough
     Moss Landing North Harbor Restoration
     Palo Corona Middle Ranch Acquisition 
     Point Lobos State Reserve
     Rancho Ventana
     Salinas River Lagoon Enhancement
     Sand City Dunes Enhancement Plan Implementation
     Santa Lucia Mountains
     South Monterey Bay Wetlands
     Veeder Ranch/ Flavin Ranch
     Knoxville Ranch Wildlife Area
     Napa Marsh
     Napa River Enhancement Planning
     Napa River Wetland Enhancement Plan Preparation
     San Pablo Baylands
     South Napa County Conservation Easement
     Bear River Riparian Restoration
     Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
     Prosser Creek Trout Enhancement
     Truckee Nature Trail
     Bolsa Chica Regional Parks and Interpretive Center
     Caspers Interpretive Program
     Historical Park Nature Trail
     Laguna Lakes
     Laguna Laurel
     Modjeska Canyon
     San Diego Creek Watershed Planning
     San Joaquin Reserve Enhancement Plan
     Santiago Creek Riparian Habitat Restoration
     Sulphur Creek
     Talbert Nature Preserve
     Upper Newport Bay Enhancement Plan Implementation
     Upper Newport Bay Park
     Wood Canyon Emergent Wetland
     Cascade Lake Front and Wildlife Habitat
     Conservation Strategy for Tahoe Yellow Cress
     Donner Memorial State Park
     Donner Memorial State Park/Coldstream Valley
     General Creek Wildlife Habitat Enhancement & Restoration
     Mahany Park Trail
     North Tahoe Park Nature Trail
     Polaris Creek Riparian Habitat Restoration
     Truckee River Trout Enhancement
     Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project Development Activities
     Willow Flycatcher Habitat Assessment
     Dollar Creek
     Greenhorn Creek
     North Fork Feather River Passage Modification 
     Coachella Valley Ecological Reserve
     French Valley Conservation Area
     Estelle Mountain Ecological Reserve
     Hidden Springs Riparian
     Magnesia Springs Land Exchange
     "Mesa de Burro" Ecological Reserve
     Mystic Lake
     Mystic Lake - San Jacinto Wildlife Area
     North Warm Springs Creek Conservation Area
     Santa Margarita River Ecological Reserve
     Santa Margarita River Watershed Enhancement Plan
     Santa Rosa Mountains Acquisition
     Santa Rosa Mountains Wildlife Area
     Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve
     Santa Rosa Springs Ecological Reserve
     Sky Valley Ecological Reserve
     Sycamore Canyon Wilderness
     Wilson Creek Area Acquisition
     Wilson Valley Acquisition
     American River Parkway Invasive Plants Management 
     American River Parkway Riparian Habitat Restoration
     Arroyo Seco Wildlife Area
     C-BAR-C Interpretive Trail
     Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Project 
     Cosumnes River Wildlife Area
     Humbug-Willow Creek Wetland
     Jacinto Creek Park/ Parkway
     Jonas Park Nature Area 
     Mather Lake
     North Stone Lake Wetlands
     Orchard Park Riparian Restoration
     Phoenix Park Vernal Pools Restoration
     River Island Farms Wetland Restoration
     Robla Community Park
     Robla Creek Habitat Restoration - Ueda Parkway
     Robla Wetlands Enhancement
     Salinas River Lagoon
     Southside Park Lake Rehabilitation
     Tyler Island
     Ueda Parkway Trail
     Valensin Ranch
     Wetland Conservation Easement Program - River Island Farms
     William Land Park Recreational Trail Completion
     Willow Creek Ecological Reserve Exchange
San Bernardino	
     Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve
     Endangered Species & Habitat Education
     Hesperia Lake: Trails & Wetlands
     King Clone Ecological Reserve
San Diego	
     Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
     Anza-Borrego Desert State Park/Sentenac Canyon
     Black Mountain Park Program
     Blue Sky Ecological Reserve
     Boden Canyon
     Buena Vista Lagoon Reserve Feasibility Analysis 
     Carlsbad Highlands Conservation Bank 
     Crestridge Ecological Reserve
     Derbas Acquisition 
     Discovery Kits Program
     Escondido Creek Ecological Reserve
     Junior Ranger Program
     Lakeside Linkages
     Los Penasquitos Canyon
     Lusardi Creek
     Marian Bear Memorial Park
     Mission Trails Regional Park Cedar Fire Restoration 
     Oak Grove
     Otay Mountain & River Valley Ecological Reserves
     Otay River
     Outdoor Adventure Program
     Park Pals Family Campout Program
     Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve
     Rose Canyon Open Space Park
     Rutherford Ranch/ Volcan Mountain Acquisition 
     San Diego River/ Kumeyaay Lake Riparian Restoration
     San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area - Volcan Mountain
     San Miguel Ranch
     San Pasqual Academy Outdoor Adventure Program
     Santa Margarita River Watershed Enhancement Plan
     Seacoast Drive Acquisition
     Sentenac Canyon
     Sequan Peak Ecological Reserve
     Stanley Peak Trail Acquisition 
     Tecolote Canyon
     Tecolote Creek Riparian Restoration
     Tijuana Estuary and Watershed
     Tijuana Valley Acquisitions
     Trans-County Trail
     WRP Science Advisory Project
San Francisco	
     Crissey Field Wetland Restoration
     India Basin Wetlands
     Pier 98 Public Access and Wetland Enhancement
San Joaquin	
     Lodi Lake Park Trails
     Mokelumne River
San Luis Obispo	
     Black Lake Canyon
     BLM Acquisition 
     Carrizo Plain Ecological Reserve
     Chorro Creek Steelhead Trout Habitat Enhancement
     Chorro Flats
     Cuyama River
     Elfin Forest
     Filipponi Property Acquisition 
     Hearst Ranch Acquisition/ Appraisal
     Hotel Site Acquisition  
     Los Osos Greenbelt Plan
     Martinez Property
     Morganti Property Acquisition
     Morro Bay Watershed
     Morro Bay Wetland Enhancement
     Pennington Creek Riparian Enhancement
     Santa Margarita Lake
     Santa Rosa Creek Ecological Reserve
     Strawberry Canyon
San Mateo	
     Acquisition of the Arroyo Lean Addition to Purisima Creed Redwoods Open Space Preserve
     Bair Island Ecological Reserve
     Devil's Canyon
     Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
     Lobitus Creek Headwaters
     Old Page Mill Road Trail
     Pillar Point Marsh
     Rapley Ranch Addition Acquisition
     San Bruno Mountain, Shellmound
     San Bruno Mountain, Brisbane Acres
     San Francisco Bay Wetlands
     San Pedro Creek
     San Pedro Point Erosion Control
     SPUR Property Trail
Santa Barbara	
     Arroyo Burro Estuary & Mesa Creek Restoration
     Cachuma Lake Tour Boat
     Carpinteria Creek
     Carpinteria Marsh
     Cuyama River
     Gaviota Creek Crossing
     Goleta Slough Ecological Reserve Restoration
     Jalama Creek Restoration
     Santa Ynez River
     Segwick Ranch
     Ventura Estuary
     Wilcox Acquisition
Santa Clara	
     Grant Ranch Riparian Area
     Henry W. Coe State Park
     Jacques Ridge
     Joseph D. Grant County Park Wetlands Restoration
     Junior Ranger Program
     San Francisquito Creek Enhancement
     Soda Springs
     South Bay Salt Pond Project
Santa Cruz	
     Antoinelli Pond
     Arana Gulch Watershed
     Buena Vista Acquisition
     Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve
     Calabasas Pond Ecological Reserve
     Harkin Slough
     Jessie Street Marsh Restoration
     New Brighton State Beach
     Quail Hollow Ecological Reserve
     Sand Parkland Habitat
     Scott Creek Streambank Stabilization
     Watsonville Slough Wildlife Area
     Watsonville Wetlands Acquisition Plan
     West Soquel Creek Fish Ladder and Habitat Enhancement
     Wilder Ranch State Park/Gray Whale Ranch
     Zayante Creek Fish Ladder
     Bear Creek Meadow
     Churn Creek
     Cow Creek Conservation Area
     Fall River Bank Stabilization
     Fall River Valley - Bar-D-Bar Ranch
     Lassen Foothills
     Upper Battle Creek Wildlife Area
     Upper Sacramento River Wildlife Area
     Antelope Valley Wildlife Area
     Hallelujah Junction
     Antelope Creek
     Beaver Creek Rearing
     Butte Valley Wetland Enhancement
     China Hill
     Kidder Creek Diversion Screen
     McCloud River
     Noyes Valley Wildlife Area
     Orr Lake Management Unit
     Scott River Riparian Restoration
     Shasta Valley Wildlife Area 
     Shovel Creek
     Trout Creek
     Whiskey Lakes Wildlife Area
     Grizzly Island Wildlife Area 
     Joice Island Drain Pump 
     Liberty Farms Wetland Restoration
     Lower Putah Creek
     Lynch Canyon
     Napa Marsh
     Pleasants Valley Encinosa Acquisition
     Suisun Marsh Waterfowl Production Enhancement Project
     Ulatis and Alamo Creeks
     Ulatis and Alamo/Laguna Creeks
     Crane Creek Park Restoration
     Doran Park
     Enhancement of Petaluma
     Laguna de Santa Rosa Ludwigia Eradication Project 
     Napa Marsh
     Nathanson Creek
     Petaluma Trailhead
     Purrington Creek Riparian Restoration
     Railroad Property
     Russian River Estuary Enhancement
     San Francisco Bay Acquisitions
     Santa Rosa Creek
     Santa Rosa Plain Conservation Bank
     Sonoma Baylands
     South Salmon Creek Dune Restoration
     Stillwater Cove Trail
     Stream Restoration and Fishery Enhancement Project 
     Basso Bridge Ecological Reserve
     Grasslands Ecological Reserve
     Miller Lake Wetland Restoration
     San Joaquin Wetlands
     Tuolumne River Regional Park Project
     Feather River Wildlife Area
     Gilsizer Slough Wetlands
     Gray Lodge Wildlife Area
     Live Oak Wetland Restoration
     O'Conner Lakes Unit Riparian Habitat Restoration
     Upper Butte Basin
     Sacramento Valley Rice Roller Project
     Wetland Conservation Easement Program
     Battle Creek Wildlife Area
     Lake Red Bluff
     Lassen Foothills
     North Sacramento Wetlands
     Sacramento River Riparian Restoration - Lake Red Bluff
     Baker Gulch
     Rock Weir and Fish Ladder
     Trinity Alps Industrial Park Wetlands
     Trinity River Restoration
      Allensworth Ecological Reserve
     Little Kern River Golden Trout Restoration
     Peppermint Creek
     Stone Corral Ecological Reserve
     White River/Poso Creek
     Yettem Vernal Pools Ecological Reserve
Tuolumne County
     Sands Meadow
     Blind Canyon Phase II
     Calleguas Watershed Wetlands
     Escondido Canyon -- Fairfax 
     Hondo Canyon
     Matilija Dam
     Mugu Lagoon/ Grimes Canyon
     Oak Canyon Community Park Trail
     Reyes Creek
     Santa Clara River
     Santa Susana Mountains
     Santa Susana Pass
     Seaside Wilderness Wetlands
     Ventura County surplus -- Chivo
     Ventura Estuary
     Wild About Ojai Program
     Bobcat to Blue Oak Ranches Riparian Habitat Restoration
     Cache Creek Riparian Restoration
     Knoxville Ranch Wildlife Area
     Lower Putah Creek
     McAravy Ranch Wetland Restoration 
     Northstar Urban Nature Trail
     Putah Creek Nature Park
     Sacramento Valley Rice Roller Project
     San Joaquin/Sacramento River Acquisition
     South Fork Reserve
     West Yolo County Water Management and Wildlife Habitat Plan
     Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area
     Collins Lake Wildlife Area
     Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area
     Holmestead Wetlands
     Honcut Creek Expansion 
     Rancho Rio Oso
     Wetland Conservation Easement Program 
*     Coastwide - Coastal Wetlands
* Del Norte, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Marin, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, Siskiyou - California Fisheries Restoration 2006

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