For Your Voice, Our Thanks
Happy Thanksgiving!  
We are most thankful to you, our friends and supporters, who contribute so much to the survival of America's lions. This has been a difficult year not only for so many of you, but also for the wild animals who have persevered through drought, fled from fire, and wondered at the loss of so many wild places. 
Whether you lend a voice to the call for a lion's rights, fight a development, share a post on social media, pen a note to a legislator, defend a wildlife corridor, testify to a policy-maker, write a letter to an editor, cast a vote, make a donation, sign a petition, or simply show a child how to respond to an encounter, you make a difference. We are so grateful for your success.
This year, in spite of the losses, and because of what you have done to help, we've been able to accomplish goals we thought were beyond our reach. We achieved the first major change in 28 years in California's policy toward lions who prey on livestock. The new rules hold people responsible first, requiring them to care for the domestic animals in their care before killing a lion.
But we realize that people will need to know more.  So, with your help, we've drafted a set of scientifically-based brochures full of ways to help people defend their pets and livestock from mountain lions, and we're finding that agencies are willing to share these methods as they make contact with the public too. 
These changes will ease the pressures on mountain lions caused by greater numbers of people and livestock in our wild places during this time of climate change. 
As you give thanks for those you love and the bounty we still enjoy, I hope that you will also remember your mountain lions, and know that many of their lives are lived as proof of the caring hearts of a very few people - like you - who act to make it possible for them to survive.
      With gratitude,
      Lynn Cullens
      Executive Director 

Today is a time for us to say thank you for what you have already done, but if you feel compelled to do more, well... we can't thank you enough! Your generosity and action give every mountain lion a voice, and your contributions make those voices stronger.

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The Mountain Lion Foundation is a national nonprofit organization protecting mountain lions and their habitat, and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016.  The Foundation focuses exclusively on conservation of mountain lions in the United States, with an emphasis on reducing human causes of mortality including trophy hunting, habitat loss, poisoning, trapping, road kill, poaching and depredation kills of more than 3500 mountain lions every year. We emphasize citizen advocacy in the effort to increase people's awareness and understanding of these magnificent and essential animals