Tuolumne Lake, California.
Photo Courtesy of Sathish Jothikumar
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The Mountain Lion Foundation has always achieved results with a small, energetic and dedicated staff. We work as a team to support Mountain Lion volunteers and local activists across the nation. Please, contact us with your questions, ideas and insights. Staff are available by phone on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time. If you are redirected to voice mail, press 0 to be directed to front office staff. Please leave a message, and we will return your call. You are a voice for mountain lions, and we value your communications. Join us as a Mountain Lion Foundation member, volunteer, and take action today. Together, we can Save America's Lion.

Lynn Cullens

Executive Director
916-442-2666 ext. 103
lcullens @ mountainlion.org

Lynn has been working with the Mountain Lion Foundation since 1989, first as a volunteer during the Proposition 117 Campaign. After moving to Sacramento in 1990, Lynn worked for Environmental Campaigns including Big Green, Forests Forever and Parks and Wildlife Bond Acts. After serving as Regional Director for the Archaeological Conservancy for nearly a decade, Lynn returned to the Mountain Lion Foundation in 2001. Lynn created MLF's cutting edge livestock protections programs, the community outreach efforts, and the design and coding of the Mountain Lion Foundation website. As Executive Director, she leads the organization's fight to end trophy hunting in 14 states and to reduce the number of mountain lions killed as a result of depredation, poisons, traffic, poaching and habitat loss.

Erin Hauge

Associate Director
916-442-2666 ext. 105
policy @ mountainlion.org

Erin Hauge joined the Mountain Lion Foundation in 2016, working on policy issues and outreach to help communities get more involved in the legislative and regulations-making processes. Through her projects, Erin has improved the way MLF and our constituents advocate for mountain lions. She believes that staying informed and speaking up are two of the most powerful citizen tools for creating more positive outcomes for mountain lions and all native large carnivores. Prior to MLF, Erin worked for over 20 years at the Local Government Commission, a nonprofit dedicated to providing policy and project support to local elected officials for addressing climate change, water sustainability and livable communities She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from CSU, Sacramento in 1992. Erin is currently a volunteer interpretive naturalist and citizen scientist at the Cosumnes River Preserve where she leads a volunteer mountain lion study team, using camera traps to detect lion presence on the Preserve and to help determine habitat and resource use of the Cosumnes River riparian corridor by lions. She is a Certified California Naturalist and is currently earning a certificate in wildlife ecology from Sacramento City College.

Veronica Yovovich, Ph.D.

Wildlife Conflict Specialist
916-442-2666 ext. 107
scientist @ mountainlion.org

Veronica is a carnivore biologist whose work focuses on mountain lion ecology and human-carnivore conflict mitigation. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from U.C. Santa Cruz, and has spent the last 10 years studying carnivore species in diverse land use settings across the American West. Her experiences have repeatedly illustrated the importance of keeping livestock safe so that both ranchers and predators can remain a part of the West's working landscapes. Veronica joined the Mountain Lion Foundation to help build coalitions among diverse stakeholders and implement practical, field-tested techniques that protect both livestock and wildlife. She is committed to public outreach, education, and engaging local media to expand awareness of the crucial role that both mountain lions and humans play in sustaining healthy ecosystems.

Amy Rodrigues

916-442-2666 ext. 107
amy @ mountainlion.org

Much like evolution, Amy's early research and conservation interests began with marine biology, crawled up to amphibians, branched off to reptiles and birds for a bit, and eventually settled on large land mammals. Amy graduated with honors in Zoology and a minor in Geological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She also holds a graduate certificate in Environmental Policy and Law from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Amy joined the MLF team in 2008, first as an AmeriCorps member serving Central Sierra Nevada communities to help reduce pet and livestock conflicts with mountain lions. Then in 2009 Amy accepted a full time position as MLF's biologist and outreach coordinator. Today she uses her training to help translate lion research into practical solutions for residents and wildlife managers. You may also recognize Amy from season 1 of National Geographic Channel's groundbreaking series Mygrations. Amy was one of the first Americans to walk the length of Serengeti National Park, and she did it with no modern technology and on less than 400 calories per day!

Fred Hull

Legal Counsel
916-442-2666 ext. 102
fhull @ mountainlion.org

Fred started his environmental career in the mid 80's with Californians Against Waste working on the Bottle Bill. After a few detours, which included writing software for Viacom/Paramount, a law practice and developing business processes and software for a startup company that was acquired by Lexis, Fred returned to environmental work with the Mountain Lion Foundation in 2004.

Leslie Anastassatos

Activism Coordinator
916-442-2666 ext. 106
leslie @ mountainlion.org

Leslie comes to the Mountain Lion Foundation with a variety of nonprofit management skills and over 20 years of experience. She previously worked for World Learning and The Experiment in International Living focusing on international education and sustainable development programs. Leslie spent several summers leading field programs to Kenya and Botswana where she worked with Habitat for Humanity and other independent organizations to build homes, schools, and women's health centers. More recently she has spent time in Zimbabwe and Myanmar leading women's economic development programs and education infrastructure. She currently serves on the boards of directors of Sahaya International and the Myanmar Children's Foundation. Her position with the Mountain Lion Foundation stirs a new passion in her to preserve ecosystems that include America's lion and protecting healthier and cleaner wild places for all of us to enjoy.

Lion walking in snow.


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