Woodland stream.
Cosumnes River Preserve Citizen Science Project

Looking for Lions!

On Thursday, May 18 a mountain lion was spotted on the Cosumnes River Preserve! While there were no photographs of the animal, an experienced naturalist and CRP volunteer noticed the big cat watching him from across a slough as he was tending wood duck boxes. The lion turned and faded into the dense oak forest but the volunteer noted the long, muscular tail.

Bait stations using a . . .

The Wild Among Us - When Mountain Lions Come Home

The Cosumnes River Preserve mountain lion study is an all-volunteer effort to continue an ongoing project that was begun in 2014 by the Bureau of Land Management and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to locate, collar and track mountain lions on the Cosumnes River Preserve to study their behavior and movement.

Starting in 2016, the study is now being coordinated by the . . .


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