Two mountain lion kittens playing in a waterfall.

Photo of Santa Monica Mountains Lion P-45.

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Photo of Santa Monica Mountains Lion Kittens P-46 and P-47.

Thank you for considering a gift to protect Southern California mountain lions. A contribution to our general fund will allow us greater latitude in deciding where to spend funds to benefit the most mountain lions. If you would prefer to join Mountain Lion Foundation's national efforts, please use this link to join our general membership.If you prefer to give to your local lions, please continue your donation below.

We are working with the existing #SaveLACougars campaign and the National Wildlife Federation on this effort as part of the overall conservation of the mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The Southern California Depredation Prevention Fund

We are still in the process of setting up the restrictions surrounding this fund. Until then, your donation will be used to directly assess properties, build mountain lion resistant enclosures and to supply deterrant devices to those in the Southern California counties of Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego who are likely to experience a depredation. Funds may be used for travel, materials, equipment rental, permits, costs for guard animals, salaries and related administrative costs.

Eventually, we hope to establish a process through which funds are directed with the help of local mountain lion researchers and local community volunteers to assist only those owners of domestic animals who truly cannot afford their own protection, or whose experiences might prove useful to better understanding the efficacy of non-lethal prevention measures, or who would be willing to agree not to request a depredation permit for a period of time in exchange for such assistance.

That will take time, and we appreciate your patience.

We at the Mountain Lion Foundation are well aware that such efforts must be strategic and with an eye to changing community attitudes over the long term. Funds may also be directed to processes designed to provide opportunities for mountain lion researchers to be made aware of the livestock owners and properties so assisted, and to monitor the long term results to the extent that they mesh with landscape level mountain lion research, and the current effort to set up a statewide protocol for assessing the efficacy of deterrant devices and protection measures.

Donations are tax deductible as the Mountain Lion Foundation is a nonprofit California Corporation qualified under IRC 501(c)3 (Federal Tax ID 94-3015360)
PO Box 1896, Sacramento CA 95812 - 916-442-2666.

The best thing you can do for lions is to give monthly so that we can budget for better conservation efforts.

Donating online is safe and easy!

You can make a tax-deductible donation with your credit card using Paypal's secure server by clicking on one of the links below.

You may also mail your contribution to Mountain Lion Foundation, P.O. Box 1896, Sacramento, California 95812 or call us at 916-442-2666. (Please note that the Mountain Lion Foundation does not share, sell, trade or exchange the names and addresses that we collect.)

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To make a recurring monthly contribution directly from your bank account other than through PayPal, please telephone an MLF staff member at 916-442-2666 extension 100 for help.

Your membership will:

  • Allow us to continue our efforts to work with local communities to better protect mountain lions.
  • Empower the Foundation to quickly act to prevent depredations in those areas of Southern California where mountain lions are most at risk.
  • Provide assistance and support to local lion activists who are struggling to protect their resident lions.
  • Contribute to the growing body of scientific knowledge about Puma concolor responds to a variety of depredation prevention methods.
  • Support our efforts to save mountain lions by protecting people, pets and livestock.
  • Aid the Mountain Lion Foundation in giving a voice to the mountain lion throughout as we work to make the depredation permitting process more responsive to the significance of mountain lions to Southern California ecosystems.

Give in your workplace.

Many employers offer the opportunity to make gifts through simple and painless payroll deductions.

Ask if your employer will match your contribution! If so, follow your organization's matching gift process, or ask for details. If not, suggest to your employer that matching gifts are a significant benefit for employee relations.

The Mountain Lion Foundation is a member of EarthShare of California, a workplace giving program focused on vital conservation and environmental concerns. If your workplace offers EarthShare, please be sure to specify the " Mountain Lion Foundation" as the recipient of your support.

If your workplace does not offer EarthShare, simply write "Mountain Lion Foundation" on your United Way or other campaign payroll deduction form.

Perhaps your co-workers are looking for a great cause for their contribution. Please let them know about the Mountain Lion Foundation.

Gift Membership.

Is there someone special in your life who cares deeply for cats or wildlife? Consider a gift in their name to celebrate a special occasion or simply to honor their love and life.

A membership to the Mountain Lion Foundation makes a great gift. It demonstrates your concern and allows the gift recipient to join the fight to protect mountain lions. In addition to their member benefits, the recipient will be sent a gift acknowledgement.

Make a gift in memory of a loved friend or family member.

Donating in memory is a wonderful way to remember a loved one. We will send acknowledgement to a family member.

You will know that your gift provides a lasting legacy for their love of nature and wildlife.

Thank you so very much for helping to Save America's Lion.

Photo credits National Park Service. Thank you!