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2018 Earth Day Events!

We had a wonderful time attending events throughout California celebrating our magnificent Earth! Thank you to everyone who stopped by one of our booths. We hope you enjoy your 2018 Mountain Lion Foundation Earth Day poster!

If you were not able to attend an event and would still like a poster, or if you'd like us to send a poster to your friends and neighbors,


Arizonans for Wildlife Signature Collection

Wild cats in Arizona need our help.

MLF will be joining Arizonans for Wildlife on a campaign to end the trophy hunting and trapping of all wild cat species within the state, including mountain lions, jaguars, ocelots, bobcats, and lynx.

These cruel practices have no place in modern-day management and deserve to be done away with once and for all.


Living with Mountain Lions

MLF Executive Director Lynn Cullens will be at the Oakland Zoo on February 22nd to give quite an appropriate presentation, given the setting - how to live alongside the wild animals that surround you!

The presentation is from the Oakland Zoo's "Co-Existing in California: An IMPACT Speaker Series" set of lectures and is sure to appeal to mountain lion lovers both young and old.


The Wildlife Society Western Section Annual Conference

UPDATE: MLF attended The Wildlife Society Western Section Annual Conference in Santa Rosa, California this week!

Executive Director Lynn Cullens gave two presentations on resolving human-lion conflict, including one on depredation deterrence and finding common ground between involved parties. It was very well-received at an event set to the theme of "Communicating Science"!


Society for Range Management Annual Meeting

If progress is to be made in the world of conservation, diametrically opposed groups are going to have to reach across the table and engage in civil, constructive conversation.

Rangeland managers and mountain lions rarely get along; mountain lions take unprotected livestock, and ranchers and farmers kill lions in retribution. The fate of the mountain lion rests partially on finding . . .


Wild & Scenic Film Festival Enviro Fair

What's better than one environmental nonprofit organization? Why, a whole bunch of them, of course!

That was the setting for our last tabling event this past weekend in Nevada City. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival hosted its annual Enviro Fair alongside screenings of short films & documentaries and brought in droves of interested community members and passionate . . .


Wilton Lion Workshop and Pen Build

Some of the most important work MLF does is community outreach — and that's exactly what we did on January 6th in Wilton!

Wilton, located about half an hour southeast of Sacramento, is a rural area full of domestic animals such as cattle, sheep, and goats. We gathered at the Wilton Community Center on Saturday morning and were pleased to have an audience of over 50 people show up . . .


P-22 Day Concludes Urban Wildlife Week in LA

A whole day, dedicated to a single mountain lion? That's music to our ears!

UPDATE: We had a blast at P-22 Day!

We're so thankful that the city of Los Angeles has forever designated October 22nd as P-22 Day, cementing this incredible individual into the minds and hearts of wildlife lovers worldwide.

The festival kicked off at Shane's Inspiration Griffith Park on Sunday . . .


National Mountain Lion Workshop 2017

Join us in Estes Park, Colorado for the 12th Mountain Lion Workshop on May 15-18, 2017! This gathering of scientists, wildlife managers and other professionals from the U.S. and beyond is a synthesis of scientific research, current management practices and latest findings on lion ecology and lion-human interaction.

The Mountain Lion Foundation will be hosting an exhibit table, . . .


San Diego Zoo Conservation Lecture

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Over more than a decade, the Mountain Lion Foundation has built demonstration pens to protect livestock kept by rural homeowners from depredation by mountain lions. Working within communities that have . . .



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