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Speak up in Support of CA AB 8 to Protect Lions

Join us next Tuesday, April 25 at the State Capitol to speak up in support of Assembly Bill 8 which would allow more flexible responses to mountain lions who kill domestic animals!

WHEN: Tuesday, April 25
8:45 AM
(The hearing begins at 9 AM)

Assembly Water, Parks, And Wildlife Committee
State Capitol, Room 444
Sacramento, CA 95814
(Please allow time for parking)

Assembly Bill 8 would allow the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to:
- Better assess the underlying causes of specific depredations,
- Provide suggestions for avoiding future conflicts, and
- Offer alternative deterrent actions short of lethal control.

And importantly, this bill would give CDFW the latitude to consider the interests of the mountain lion population in question prior to issuing a permit to kill a lion.

Please join us to say 'me too' when the committee chair asks for public support of AB 8. It really is that easy! You can just stand and say "My name is XXX from (You can say 'concerned citizen,' 'wildlife advocate' or the name of the organization you represent and your city) and I strongly support AB 8 to protect mountain lions."

AB 8 is first on the agenda to be heard by the Assembly Parks, Water and Wildlife Committee so plan to be there by 8:45am. It shouldn't take long and folks can go right on to work from there.

MLF staff and others will be there outside the room at 8:30 am to meet and greet, answer questions and provide support for people who show up to comment in support of the bill.

Be sure to check out MLF's AB 8 Action Alert for more information and to send a letter to your legislators urging their support of AB 8, too.

Read AB 8 bill text here.

Follow AB 8 here.



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