Photo of children wearing mountain lion masks at an event.
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March for Science

This Saturday, May 4, 2019 is the annual March for Science - "a global movement that advocates for equitable, evidence-based policy that serves all communities." This grassroots event is an opportunity for advocates around the world to mobilize and send a message to federal agencies that they cannot continue to ignore science and must act today to protect wildlife and the environment.

If you're interested attending a rally or event, you're in luck! Events will be taking place throughout the country.

Click here to see if there will be an event near you!

This event is a great time to talk about challenges that mountain lions are faced with today. Whether it be trophy hunting, unsustainable quotas, or rodenticide poisoning, you can give America's lion a voice by attending the March for Science!

If you do attend an event, be sure to take a photo and post it to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Tag us and share your story!

We hope to see you there!



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