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MLF Premieres Intern Project at Wildlife Society Meeting

The Mountain Lion Foundation will be presenting work conducted over two years by 13 interns at the Wildlife Society-Western Section annual meeting. The conference is being held in Reno, Nevada from February 6-10, 2017 at the Peppermill Resort. The Mountain Lion Foundation intern poster (link here to poster online) will be posted throughout the conference, and the interns will be available to walk participants through their new online bibliography and library of 1400 publications about Puma concolor at the Mountain Lion Foundation table in the exhibit area.

Interns who participated in the project include Garrett Allen, Anna Nichole Mack, Mason DuBois, Brandi Coley, Kira Pearson, Lisa DiNicolantonio, Elisa Fernandes-McDade, Pearl Holmes, Katherine Kneuper, Haley Martin, Elizabeth Meisman, Mariah Mendez, and Mary Gresch, They represent U.C. Davis, Cal Poly, Humboldt State University and University of Nevada Reno.

The Wildlife Society is the largest professional organization in the world for wildlife biologists and managers. The Western Section is also the largest section of the Society and serves the states of Nevada, California, Hawaii, and the territory of Guam. More than 500 wildlife professionals and students are expected to attend the annual meeting.

The plenary session will feature Dr. Daniel Simberloff, member of the National Academy of Sciences and Dr. Karen Poiani, Executive Director of Island Conservation who will discuss invasive species. Mr. Juan Palma, Director of Nevada Chapter of The Nature Conservancy will give the keynote lecture.

description.Among the 18 technical sessions in the four day meeting is a session on "Predators: History and Human Interactions" to be held on Friday, February 10 at 8:30 AM, where MLF Executive Director Lynn Cullens will present a brief history of what the Foundation has learned about community livestock protection over two decades of work across the West. View MLF's poster about our ongoing project - creating an online bibliography and research library for mountain lions in the U.S. here.

Other scientific sessions include:
- Invasive species
- Ecology and management of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians
- Wildlife and renewable energy
- Perspectives on canine predators and livestock
- Wildlife techniques and technologies

This year's annual meeting theme is "Invasive Species: Globalization and Bad Decisions." Registration requires a fee and can be done onsite at the meeting. Details can be found here.



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