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Uncollared mountain lion caught on wildlife camera in Hollywood Hills

P-22 may soon be sharing the Hollywood spotlight as an unidentified mountain lion was spotted via camera trap footage on October 26th, 2017 in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles!

Thanks to Citizens for LA Wildlife's (CLAW) "Let's Buy A Mountain" campaign, the purchase of 17 acres of high-quality habitat in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles is underway. Conserving this land is essential for retaining connectivity of natural lands in and around a mega-city like Los Angeles, in this case providing a link between the Santa Monica Mountains to the west and Griffith Park to the east.

If you recall, P-22 crossed both the I-405 and the U.S. 101 Freeways to get to Griffith Park. This lion likely crossed the I-405 Freeway and be looking for a place to call home.

Capturing proof of an adult mountain lion in Laurel Canyon emphasizes the land's importance as a sort of island of wild space amidst a scape of concrete and steel.

Taken at face value, the sighting reaffirms our assertion that wildlife corridors and closely situated patches of conserved habitat to provide opportunity for dispersal and gene flow, allowing wildlife to persist in a rapidly urbanizing world.

Uncollared mountain lion caught on camera in the Hollywood Hills.
(Photo Credit: Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife)

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