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Lions, Tigers & Bears

Lions, Tigers and Bears (LTB) is an organization that has provided safe haven for unwanted and abused animals that have been rescued from the exotic pet trade since 2002. Established by Bobbi Brink, an additional focus of the sanctuary has been to educate the public about the cruelties and dangers of owning an exotic pet.

LTB provides refuge to a multitude of animals including, lions, tigers, and bears. The sanctuary is home to Conrad, a mountain lion who had been found near an elementary school in Redlands, CA. They rescued him from being euthanized for coming too close to the school. LTB is also now home to Punkin and Melanie - two additional rescued mountain lions. The mountain lions were recovered from a private owner in Ohio and transported to the sanctuary which is in Alpine, California. Here, the animals are "ambassadors" for their species, providing people with an opportunity to learn more about the exotic pet trade, and about their own, unique needs. Very rarely do people get to experience mountain lions in the wild. A visit to the LTB facility is the perfect chance to see a mountain lion up close!

In the United States alone, millions of animals are forced into the exotic pet trade. Often, owners come to the realization that exotic animals are wild and cannot be tamed. Unfortunately, many of these pets are abandoned or left to starve. This is where Lions, Tigers and Bears steps in.

We want to commend Lions, Tigers and Bears for making a lifelong commitment to each of their residents. Their willingness to provide food, water, shelter and room to move to animals that would otherwise be neglected or euthanized is truly admirable.

Due to the nature of their work and needs of these animals, overhead to run an organization such as this is extraordinary. Any contributions that you can make to support their work and these special animals would be truly appreciated!

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