Photos of mountain lions hunted by hounds.

UPDATE! All Four Bills the four bills proposed this past legislative session to allow hounding of cougars never moved forward and are now dead.

    We expect to see similar bills in future session but hopefully those will have a similar fate.

    Additionally, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has recently released a draft update to their cougar management plan. The plan still includes the use of target areas with "administrative removals" to kill large numbers of cougars. It also uses an unreliable population estimate of 6,493 cougars statewide, allowing very high trophy hunting quotas.

    We will update as we have more information.

    Copy of Action Alert When Bill Was Active

    May 1, 2017 - All four bills are currently on hold with no hearings scheduled. You can still take action! Oregon residents, all letters we recieve will be held to send to your legislators if the bills should become active again.

Oregon has introduced four threatening bills that not only promote cruel and unethical hunting methods, they strike at the very heart of the democratic process. Send a message to your Oregon state representative and state senator urging them to oppose bills H.B.2107, H.B.2589, S.B.371 and S.B.458.

    • H.B. 2107, H.B. 2589 and S.B. 371: These three bills would allow counties to opt out of Measure 18 via a county-wide vote. Measure 18 is a statewide law banning use of hounds to trophy hunt cougars and was passed by a wide majority of voters throughout Oregon in 1994. These bills would set a dangerous precedent.
    • S.B. 458: Perhaps the most frightening bill, would mandate the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department to set up a controlled hound hunting program for cougars, bypassing the citizen majority who has repeatedly said no to the sport hunting of cougars with hounds.

    Hound hunting allows a pack of dogs to run down a cougar until the animal is cornered in a tree or on a rock ledge. The hounds are GPS radio-collared and send a signal to the hounder when they have ‘treed’ an animal and the hounder is then able to shoot the exhausted and terrified cougar at point blank range. There is no fair chase and many hunters don’t approve of the use of hounds for sport hunting. 

What YOU can do!

  1. IF YOU LIVE IN OREGON YOUR OPINION IS CRUCIAL. You can use the talking points provided to write your message in the space below.

    Letters from Oregon residents will be sent forward as paper copies via U.S. mail to your legislators. Letters sent from outside of Oregon will be held and sent to the Governor and other decision makers if necessary.

  2. Please be sure to use your own voice and experiences when adding your comments and feel free to use and expand on the talking points below:

    • These bills would undo Measure 18, the statewide initiative that passed in 1994 by a majority vote to ban cougar trophy hunting with hounds.
    • The passage of these bills would give counties authority to override state law and set a dangerous precedent by rendering majority votes on statewide ballot measure initiatives meaningless.
    • These bills would put Oregon’s cougar population and other wildlife in grave danger from indiscriminate chase by hounds.
    • Hounders should know where their hounds are at all times because of the radio collars they wear, but hounds can range miles from hounders, crossing private land and attacking, injuring and killing non-target game and even pets.
    • Dependent cougar kittens fall victim to hound packs as well, as they are attacked and killed during the chase.
    • Hounds are injured and killed on the hunt as they face large male lions and mother lions who are trying to protect their kittens.
    • Hunting with hounds is not fair chase and many ethical hunters do not approve of hounding.
    • Cougars are ‘treed’ by hounds and must wait with no escape until the hunter arrives to shoot and kill the terrified and exhausted animal at close range.
    To contact your Oregon representative by phone you can find the information here:

    Oregon Legislative Districts information page.

    Please be respectful, anger and outrage is understandable, but discourteous communications reflect poorly on advocates for wildlife and the conservation community.


    If you live outside of Oregon we will forward a paper copy of your letter to the Governor of Oregon. Let's let them know that MOUNTAIN LIONS SHOULD NOT BE HUNTED BY DOGS!

  4. You can SIGN UP FOR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS for these four bills at: by searching for the bill numbers, clicking on them and signing up in the upper right screen for "e-subscribe Email". You will be notified of legislative actions and hearings on the bills you subscribe to.

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