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Submit your comments to the Montana FWP Commission today!


This public comment period is now closed! Final action will be taken at the Commission meeting in June. If you live in Montana, please attend this meeting and speak up for mountain lions! The meeting will take place at Montana FWP Headquarters in Helena.

    FWP Headquarters
    1420 East 6th Avenue
    Helena, MT 59620-0701

More information will be provided as it becomes available. You can check for meeting and agenda updates by clicking here.

Original Action Alert:

Montana FWP recently released their proposed changes for the 2019/20 hunting season which includes an increase in mountain lion quotas in some management units. As quotas continue to rise throughout the American west, we need to tell FWP that enough is enough!

Montana FWP made the determination to increase quotas in certain units because of "human tolerance, safety, prey populations, and hunter opportunity." Yet, researchers have found that high quotas actually lead to increased conflicts with people, pets, and livestock. Studies have shown that attempts to control mountain lion populations through hunting do not benefit prey species like mule deer. Instead, overhunting may have the opposite effect!

Rather than continue to push quotas higher and higher, Montana FWP should adhere to the best available science and reduce quotas statewide to a maximum of 10-12%. In doing so, they will be taking great strides in reducing conflicts with these magnificent cats.

The public comment period is open until May 21, 2019 at 5:00 PM MDT - This is your opportunity to speak up for mountain lions in Montana!

It is absolutely that critical that you submit your comments today! In your comment, please remember to be polite, but emphasize that:

    • Hunting is an ineffective and unnecessary way to manage mountain lion populations.
    • Mountain lion populations are self-regulating and do not need to be hunted.
    • Sport hunting will trigger more conflicts between mountain lions and domestic animals.
    • Most people no longer support trophy hunting and believe it should be banned entirely.
    • The start of the hunting season should be delayed until December 1 to protect kittens.
    • Researchers have found that hunting mountain lions is not an effective way to boost mule deer populations.
    • See the proposed increases.

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There is a critical need to know more about the biology, behavior, and ecology of mountain lions, and governments should base decisions upon truthful science, valid data, and the highest common good. Conserving critical lion habitat is essential.



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