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The Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing in Agoura Hills is picking up steam!

CalTrans has extended public comment considerations to November 8th, so write to them now to show your support for this critical overpass.

Wildlife crossings are more important now than ever as urbanization encroaches upon natural areas and fragments animal habitat. The installation of the Liberty Canyon overpass restores some connectivity between populations divided by the busy 101 Freeway, allowing gene flow in and out of different regions and reducing inbreeding risk. Humans benefit by keeping more animals off the road and decreasing collisions with motorists. If implementation is successful, this would be the first wildlife overpass built in California, and the largest in the country!

The final environmental documents will be submitted in December 2017 and, if approved, construction is anticipated to begin in 2022.

Public comments can be submitted through November 8th, 2017 via email to:


or mailed to:

Ronald Kosinski Deputy Director, Division of Environmental Planning California
Department of Transportation District 7, Division of Environmental Planning
100 S. Main Street, MS-16A
Los Angeles, CA 90012

For more information, visit www.dot.ca.gov/d7/projects/libertycanyon/


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