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Missouri Senate Bill 738 Defeated!

On Friday, May 18, 2012 mountain lion advocates cheered as Missouri Senate Bill 738 officially died in committee. Mountain lions can now rest a little easier in the show me state. SB 738 would have declared open season on lions, allowing anyone to kill a lion at any time, for any reason, and in effect encouraged the extermination of this rare animal.
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OUTCOME: Senate Bill 738.

The current law allows anyone who feels threatened to legally kill a lion to protect people or property. And although lions have been shot in recent years by hunters for sport (and not faced legal charges), SB 738 would have made things much, much worse.

Mountain lions still need stronger legal protection in Missouri, but with the threat of SB 738 gone and attitudes shifting, many local residents are hoping to see the species' numbers continue to grow. Having lions on the landscape would greatly improve the native ecosystem.

Congratulations to everyone who signed the petition and worked to stop SB 738. This victory is the first step towards ensuring protection for Missouri's recolonizing lions, and hopefully, will eventually pave the way for lions into the Midwest and eastern United States.


Thumbnail: Senate Bill 738.Missouri does not have a breeding population of mountain lions, and Senator Bill Stouffer wants to keep it that way! Senate Bill 738 has been introduced to the Missouri State Senate and if passed, would allow the killing of mountain lions by anyone, at any time, for any reason. The mountain lion was stripped of State Endangered Species status in 2006. SB738 would not only take the lion's last piece of protection, but would make it a target for destruction in Missouri.

Senator Stouffer has also indicated his next move may be to reclassify the mountain lion as an invasive species to promote the active extermination of any lion that wanders into the state. Please help MLF stop Senator Stouffer's destructive plans. Be a voice for the lion and tell the Missouri legislature to kill SB738 and instead return the mountain lion to the state's endangered species list — where it belongs.

Sign the Petition.

Click here to sign the petition. Please take a moment to add your name to the list of those opposing this terrible bill. With each signature, a copy of the petition letter is sent to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, the Missouri State Senate and State House.

Make Your Opinion Count

Real change can only happen when many Missourians raise their voices as one to demand protection for mountain lions in their Missouri.

Mountain lions are listed as "specially protected mammals" and are not hunted for sport in California because tens of thousands of concerned activists joined the Mountain Lion Foundation, provided the political clout needed to pass a statewide ballot initiative, and successfully defended that groundbreaking lion protection measure against all challengers for more than 20 years.

It is now time for Missourians to do the same. The actions of Senator Stouffer are just the first of many steps designed to allow hunters to kill lions in Missouri for fun or trophies. It's not enough to express your outrage, to sign an online petition, or to tell your friends. We need to be able to demonstrate to decision-makers that you have added your name to the growing list of Missourians who have joined the Mountain Lion Foundation. By many people making a substantial commitment, we gain the collective power required to save mountain lions in Missouri.

Just consider what happened in South Dakota a few years back. There too, these special creatures were few in number and listed as an Endangered Species. Now, seven years later, lions are hunted for sport in South Dakota, and every year more and more lions are killed over the objections of local activists and biologists from the state game agency.

DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN IN MISSOURI. Help make MLF a powerful voice for you and your lions by joining with your fellow Missourians today. For you to be counted you need to make a contribution of whatever amount can afford AND at the same time, send us your contact information so that we can add you to the list of Missourians who are the voice for Missouri's lions. Please take a stand and make your opinion count!

Contact Your Missouri Legislators.

Consult this list of Missouri Legislators, and send a letter and/or email to those who represent you, stressing the value of mountain lions and the urgent need to kill SB738 and return the lion to the state's endangered species list.

Please send a copy of your letter to the Mountain Lion Foundation, too.


Tell Your Friends.

Even if you don't live in Missouri, your opinion counts. America's lions belong to the wild, and to us all... not just in western states for trophy hunters to kill. The future of the American lion, specifically if it will ever reclaim its historic range in the eastern two-thirds of the country, relies heavily on the attitudes and legistalive measures put forth by residents in Midwestern states.

The battle is just beginning in Missouri. With your help, we can stop SB738, give lions endangered species protection, and make Missouri the example for other states to follow.

Please let your friends know about this website — and how they can help — through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Friends not on the web? Feel free to print out our Mountain Lions in Missouri brochure (offered 11" x 17" or 8.5" x 14" paper format) and share it with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

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