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The Mountain Lion Foundation has begun to establish an online centralized database, bibliography and library of publications about mountain lions (Puma concolor) in 15 Western States and Florida. The bibliography is relatively complete and available to all prospective or current researchers, policy makers, agencies, students and the public.

Bibliography and Library of Mountain Lion Research in The United States

As of February 2017 the library project has compiled more than 1400 articles and books about behavior, biology, habitat, connectivity, genetics and research methods related to mountain lions. An additional 1000 news articles round out the collection.

We appreciate any comments or suggestions that will improve this bibliography. You may use the form below or contact us via email at scientist@mountainlion.org. The library project is continuing, and we expect to include references for all 50 states, map the locations of accomplished and ongoing research, and to annotate significant references as we proceed.

Future directions for this work:

  • Clickable map to find publications by research project
  • Expansion to all fifty states, Canada, and internationally
  • Searchable online database of research with keywords
  • Review by researchers to identify and locate omissions
    Public access to abstracts and noncopyrighted materials
  • Membership library with direct access to full publications
  • Ongoing maintenance and addition of new publications



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