Tuolumne Lake, California.
Photo Courtesy of Sathish Jothikumar
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The Mountain Lion Foundation has always achieved results with a small, energetic and dedicated staff. We work as a team to support Mountain Lion volunteers and local activists across the nation. Please, contact us with your questions, ideas and insights. Staff are available by phone on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time. If you are redirected to voice mail, press 0 to be directed to front office staff. Please leave a message, and we will return your call. You are a voice for mountain lions, and we value your communications. Join us as a Mountain Lion Foundation member, volunteer, and take action today. Together, we can Save America's Lion.

Lynn Cullens

Executive Director
916-442-2666 ext. 103
lcullens @ mountainlion.org

Lynn has been working with the Mountain Lion Foundation since 1989, first as a volunteer during the Proposition 117 Campaign. After moving to Sacramento in 1990, Lynn worked for Environmental Campaigns including Big Green, Forests Forever and Parks and Wildlife Bond Acts. After serving as Regional Director for the Archaeological Conservancy for nearly a decade, Lynn returned to the Mountain Lion Foundation in 2001. Lynn created MLF's cutting edge livestock protections programs, the community outreach efforts, and the design and coding of the Mountain Lion Foundation website. As Executive Director, she leads the organization's fight to end trophy hunting in 14 states and to reduce the number of mountain lions killed as a result of depredation, poisons, traffic, poaching and habitat loss.

Denise Peterson

Visibility Specialist,
GIS Analyst,
National Policy
visibility @ mountainlion.org

Denise Peterson is our Visibility Specialist. Denise has a strong background in wildlife science with a focus on mountain lions, is a talented photographer and videographer, is trained in the Adobe graphics suite, and has a GIS Certificate. She also has her Wildlife Chemical Immobilization certification and has worked in the Peruvian Amazon tracking radio collared ocelots. As we met Denise, she was working to map mountain lion mortalities across South Dakota, and readying herself to testify before the Utah Wildlife Board, asking them to reduce their lion hunt. Located near Salt Lake City, Utah, Denise will represent us in the Rockies and Southwest.

Korinna Domingo

Conservation Specialist
916-442-2666 ext. 100
conservation @ mountainlion.org

Korinna is a transfer student at Humboldt State University (HSU) where she is obtaining her bachelors in Wildlife Management & Conservation Biology. Throughout the years she has worked on a variety of wildlife projects that include species such as black bears, mountain lions, porcupines, river otters, and Roosevelt elk. Since 2016, she has been mitigating wildlife conflicts with the Mountain Lion Foundation, working with state and federal agencies on ranchettes to reduce the number of mountain lions killed on depredations. Korinna is passionate about communicating science through various outreach initiatives to the public, students, and online. She managed the Know Your Neighbors campaign, an educational initiative in the state of Nevada that focuses on black bears, bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions. She is also the HSU Education & Media Coordinator for The Wildlife Society Student Chapter. While at community college she launched her own undergraduate research in the Verdugo Mountains studying urban carnivores in order to inform city officials of wildlife activity in recreation areas through noninvasive and inexpensive trail camera methodologies.

Fred Hull

Depredation Deterrence,
Legal Counsel
916-442-2666 ext. 102
fhull @ mountainlion.org

Fred started his environmental career in the mid 80's with Californians Against Waste working on the Bottle Bill. After a few detours, which included writing software for Viacom/Paramount, a law practice and developing business processes and software for a startup company that was acquired by Lexis, Fred returned to environmental work with the Mountain Lion Foundation in 2004.

Kirk Caldwell

Office Administrator
916-442-2666 ext. 106
administration @ mountainlion.org

Kirk comes to the Mountain Lion Foundation with an extensive background in payroll, human resources, employee benefits and office management. As our Office Manager, he focuses is on day to day operations of the of our office and staffing needs. He also assists with helping to keep members informed with the foundation's latest projects, challenges and successes.

Julie Wolfenden

Membership Liaison
916-442-2666 ext. 100
membership @ mountainlion.org

Membership Liaison Julie Wolfenden joins the Mountain Lion Foundation with an impressive background in organizational administration. When she is not assisting our wonderful members with their needs, she is enjoying her family and Papillion mix dog Bella. Notable accomplishments are; a career as a former ballerina with the Sacramento Ballet, a bachelor's degree in Organizational Communications, and the distinction of LEED AP.

Lion walking in snow.



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