Lion perched atop tree against clear sky. Text: Expect more from the man on top. Oppose the confirmation of California Fish and Game Commissioner Jim Kellogg.


Failing to rise to California's expected standards for Fish & Game Commission members, the Senate Rules Committee reconfirmed Commissioner Kellogg. Our next hope is that Governor Brown appoints a more qualified commissioner to replace the exiting lion hunter, Dan Richards, whose term expires this month.


Unfortunately, Fish and Game Commissioner Jim Kellogg was reconfirmed for another six-year term by the Senate Rules Committee on January 9, 2013 by a vote of 4:1. (Voting AYE were Senators Darrell Steinberg, chair (D-Sacramento), Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), Ricardo Lara (D-South Gate), and Bill Emmerson (R-Riverside). Only Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) voted NO.

According to Eric Mills of Action for Animals, "This unfortunate re-appointment was likely a "done deal" from the get-go. It seemed apparent that none of the senators had read any of the many letters of opposition from more than 20 environmental/animal organizations."

Original Action Alert

Jim Kellogg has spent more than a decade on the Commission and it is time for him to move on. During his previous tenure as a Commissioner as well as Commission President, Mr. Kellogg has repeatedly failed to comply with state law; specifically Fish and Game Code 4807(b), where the Commission is required to report to the California State Legislature no later than January 15th of each year as to the number and condition of all mountain lions killed during the previous year under depredation permits issued by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Photo of Commissioner Jim Kellogg at the December meeting in San Diego.
Jim Kellogg leading the December 2012 Commission meeting in San Diego.

Mountain lions were designated as a Specially Protected Mammal by California's voters and this report plays an important part in assuring the citizens that the Department of Fish and Wildlife is complying with conditions and restrictions set forth under Proposition 117.

The Commission's last submitted report to the California State Legislature on this issue was for the year 2005.

If confirmed by the Senate Rules Committee next week, Kellogg will once again head the Commission. He recently replaced Dan Richards as the president after Richards received an illegal free gift of a guided mountain lion hunt in Idaho. Though sport hunting lions in Idaho is legal, Richards violated an ethics code by failing to pay for the guided hunt, and his bragging about the kill outraged Californians who have twice voted to protect the state's mountain lion population.

Unfortunately Kellogg is no better than Richards; he even expressed sympathy for his fellow Commissioner by remarking that while on out of state trips he might shoot a wolf, but "I guarantee there won't be a picture of it."

Click here to read MLF's Comment Letter to the Senate Rules Committee.

California deserves more from its Fish and Game Commission, especially with the recent revisioning of the Department, the Commission, and their commitment to using the latest science to foster healthy wildlife ecosystems... not just for sport hunting.

Please send a letter to the Senate Rules Committee telling them you oppose the confirmation of Kellogg to another term on the Commission.

Letters must be received before the
January 9, 2013 hearing.

Senator Darrell Steinberg
Chair, Senate Rules Committee
California State Capitol, Room 400
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please send MLF a copy of your letter and cc emails to Thank you!

In your letter, please point out:

  • Kellogg has failed to comply with Fish & Game Code 4807 for the last six years.
  • His views on wildlife are not in line with the best interest of the resource nor do they reflect the wishes and needs of the people of California.
  • There's a reason for term limits... after serving over a decade with a poor record to show, it's time for a new face and expertise on the Commission.

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