Photo of lion and Nebraska state outline. Text: Help Senator Chambers stop the hunt, sign the petition and urge the Nebraska legislature to vote yes on LB 127.

Chambers' Stance

"I was told that fears led to the creation of a hunting season for these, what I consider to be regal animals," he said. "And these fears were engendered by the possibility or likelihood of these animals eating the grandchildren of Nebraskans."

That notion is baseless, he said, because there is an inconsequential number of mountain lions in the state and those few "have better taste than that."

"There is no need or justification whatsoever to hunt these animals," Chambers said Monday. "It's cruelty. It's barbaric. I will do what I can to stop it."



Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition. While this petition is now closed, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is once again considering another hunt. Click here to learn more!

Revisit the original Action Alert:

Despite having only a small hand-full of lions, last year the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission authorized that state's first ever sport hunting season on mountain lions. Starting with an estimated population of only 22 animals, at least 16 of these rare cats had been killed by the end of the year. Help keep what few lions remain in Nebraska safe by supporting the efforts of State Senator Ernie Chambers to remove the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's authority to allow recreational lion hunting in Nebraska.

Step 1: Sign the Care2 Petition

It only takes a minute of your time and Senator Chambers will use these names to demonstrate support for his bill in the Nebraska legislature.

Step 2: Write a Letter

If you live outside Nebraska, please send Senator Chambers a quick note of appreciation and encouragement:

Sen. Ernie Chambers
District 11
Room #1114
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509

If you live in Nebraska you can help by calling or writing a short letter to your local Senator telling him or her you support Legislative Bill 127. Ask your Senator to please support the bill and vote to pass it.

A few minutes of your time could make a big difference for Nebraska's lion population.

Click here to look up your Senator's contact information.

Please also send MLF a copy of your letter and cc emails to Thank you!

In your letter or telephone call, please point out:

  • Sport hunting is a terrible way to manage mountain lion populations.
  • Nebraska's mountain lion population is far too small to withstand a hunting season.
  • Over hunting eliminated the mountain lion from Nebraska a hundred years ago. We must learn from this mistake and protect the returning cats.
  • Sport hunting could trigger conditions that lead to more conflicts between the lions, livestock and people.
  • The majority of residents in Nebraska want a healthy mountain lion population and the best way to achieve this is by stopping the hunt and passing LB 127.

Step 3: Pass It On

Please share the petition with your friends and family through email and social media. Forward this page to your Nebraska friends and consider sharing it on Facebook.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to help protect Nebraska's mountain lions!

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