Photo of bobcats grooming each other. Text: On August 5 we ended bobcat trapping in California.


A bill passed in 2013 (AB 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act) gave the California Fish and Game Commission the option to either draft regulations for bobcat trapping seasons, or to completely ban the fur trapping of bobcats statewide. Thanks to the tens of thousands of people who sent letters, signed petitions and spoke at the hearings, at their August 5th meeting the Commission decided on a statewide ban! Thank you for joining with us to protect California's bobcats.


The California Fish and Game Commission voted 3-2 on August 5 to ban bobcat trapping statewide. Commission President Jack Baylis and Commissioners Anthony Williams and Eric Sklar voted in favor of a statewide ban. Commission Vice President Jim Kellogg and Commissioner Jacqueline Hostler-Carmesin voted against it.

The decision completely bans bobcat trapping in California, with the exception of depredation trapping and under strict humane guidelines when part of scientific conservation research.

The ban will become effective after approval by the state Office of Administrative Law and submission to the Secretary of State. The regulations may be effective before the start of the 2015-2016 bobcat trapping season.

The Commission's decision came about, in part, due to the advocacy efforts of a coalition of animal-rights and conservation organizations comprised of the Mountain Lion Foundation, Humane Society of the United States, the Center for Biological Diversity, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Project Bobcat, Project Coyote, EPIC, California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators, Mono Lake Committee, Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, Friends of Griffith Park, National Parks Conservation Association, Morongo Basin Conservation Association, Social Compassion in Legislation, Friends of the Inyo, Humboldt Wildlife Care Center, and Bird Ally X.

The Mountain Lion Foundation would like to thank Commissioners Baylis, Williams and Skar for their vote, as well as the tens of thousands of MLF members and private citizens that wrote letters, signed petitions, or voiced their support for their assistance in stopping this cruel and needless activity. It was a long and difficult fight but together we did it!

Photo of some of the bobcat coalition outside the commission meeting on August 5.
Thanks to our bobcat coalition partners and the many, many dedicated California residents who attended the commission meeting on Monday to show their support for a statewide ban on bobcat trapping.

Revisit the Original Action Alert

Most people are appalled to learn California still allows fur trapping. Just a handful of commercial interests trap bobcats, for no reason other than profit. This is not a question of public safety or scientific wildlife management. It is a question of values.

Trapping is indiscriminate. Other animals like mountain lion kittens, endangered kit foxes, coyote pups and people's pet dogs and cats get caught in bobcat traps. There is no guarantee these animals will be released unharmed.

It's a terrible way to die. Once trapped, bobcats are bludgeoned to death or suffocated so their fur remains unblemished for shipment to Russia and China.

Photo of bin of 100+ skinned bobcat faces in a bin with sign reading: bobcat faces $1.
Bobcats are trapped for their fur, which can sell for $300 - $2,000 depending on the size and quality of the pelt. The rest of the carcass is usually discarded. Pictured above: skinned bobcat faces for $1 each.


A bill passed in 2013 (AB 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act) gives the California Fish and Game Commission the option to either draft regulations for bobcat trapping seasons, or to completely ban the fur trapping of bobcats statewide. The Commission has been holding meetings and hearing public comments on which option to choose.

This is the final push!

The Commission will make its decision on August 5th. We need to send as many letters as possible to help convince them to ban the trapping of bobcats before the meeting. Please, take a moment to join with us and have your voice heard.

Letters can be long or short, and should express your values and thoughts on bobcat trapping in your own words.

Here's What to Say

In your letter, please consider pointing out:

  • Wild bobcats keep rodent populations in check.
  • Bobcats help landowners reduce the use of poisons.
  • We don't need to "manage" bobcats.
  • Like all wild cats, their populations are self-regulating.
  • Trapping is inhumane and unnecessary.
  • Our remarkable wild animals belong to everyone.
  • They should not be killed by just a few for fun or profit.
  • It's a waste of taxpayer money to draft and enforce trapping regulations; let's save time and money by enacting a statewide ban!

In order to be counted: letters or emails must include your full name and address. The deadline for comment letters is Friday, July 31 at noon.

Where to Send Letters (Before July 31st)

Mail you letter to:

Thumbnail of event flier. Click here to open.

CA Fish & Game Commission
PO Box 944209
Sacramento CA 94244-2090

Please also send MLF a copy of your letter and cc emails to Thank you!

Able to Attend in Person?

Follow up your hand-written letter by attending the Commission meeting in person. You may also have an opportunity to speak to the Commissioners face-to-face which is much, much more effective than sending an email or signing a petition. So if you are able to attend to show your support, please do so.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 5 beginning at 7:30 a.m.

WHERE: River Lodge Conference Center, 1800 Riverwalk Drive, Fortuna CA 95540

Pass It On

Please share this action alert with your friends and family through email and social media. Forward this page to your friends and consider sharing it on Facebook.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to help protect California's wildlife!

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