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Rescued Oregon Cougar Cubs Adopted by Two Zoos

11/06/13 A 1-minute video by Oregon Zoo

PORTLAND - Three baby mountain lions rescued from the wilds of Oregon have been adopted by zoos in New York and Kansas, the Oregon Zoo said.

The trio of orphaned mountain lion cubs were found last week in southwest Oregon and have been staying at the Oregon Zoo's medical facilities awaiting adoption, said Hova Najarian of the Oregon Zoo. The 7-week-old cougar siblings, all female, weigh about 8 pounds and are the size of house cats. As adults they cats weigh from 75 to 150 pounds, Najarian said.

"They are tiny and feisty," said Oregon Zoo keeper Michelle Schireman. "They still have blue eyes and fuzzy spotted coats, which they will eventually grow out of... incredibly cute, but definitely not cuddly."

The cubs were delivered by Oregon Fish and Wildlife staff on Oct. 7.

Schireman and the zoo specialize in finding homes for rescued mountain lions, also known as cougars. According to the zoo, most of the mountain lions in U.S. zoos were placed there by Schireman.

Two of the cubs will be moving to the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, Kan., which recently opened a $1 million Cat Canyon habitat housing bobcats, jaguars and cougars, Najarian said.

The third cub will go to the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park.



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