Mountain lions on a fence.
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Mountain lion kitten
Photo: National Park Service

Mountain Lion Foundation's favorite top ten books

Click the link above to check out some great books for your special little lion cub. Enjoy and share with your family and friends!

Mountain lion pictures

Here, you can check out lots of cool mountain lion photos. Stop on by now!

Mountain lion coloring page

For all you little mountain lions out there, how about coloring a big cat of your own?! Print out your favorite mountain lion picture and bring it to life!

Mountain lion face mask

You can download this mountain lion face mask for your little wild cat today! Print out this mask and let your kid color it in. Then, attach strings and away they go! They have transformed into a mountain lion cub!


On Air with Will Stolzenburg - Heart of a Lion

More to come!!

Learn about the American Lion

Spend just eight minutes and learn little known facts about the fascinating mountain lion. Get a glimpse of how a mountain lion thinks, feels, and senses. What makes the mountain lion so adaptable to a wide variety of habitats? How does their hunting differ from that of wolves and bears? What is their relationship to the ecosystem?

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about mountain lions and more!

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