Woodland stream.

America and Her Lion

“We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back.” These words by Martin Luther King reminds us that ours has also been a remarkable journey. For 35 years the Mountain Lion Foundation has faced adversity, weathered defeat and welcomed many successes. Today new leaders have been sworn into office. The White House can finally get back to leading the charge against the central environmental crisis of our time, giving us hope that the new administration will reverse the many attacks on our nation’s core environmental laws...

Honoring Barry Lopez, Longtime Honorary Board Member

The Mountain Lion Foundation’s Board and staff mourn the passing of author Barry Lopez, a literary lion, friend to lions, and defender of nature. Barry played a unique role in the history and mission of the Mountain Lion Foundation, having lent his esteemed name to our Honorary Board since the Foundation’s inception in 1986. Valuing his contribution as we did, we were honored to know that he too felt pride in the length of time he’d served in this capacity...

The Deadly Reality of Trophy Hunting

In the mountains, a cold, crisp winter has started to set in. There’s a distinct nip in the air as the snow falls lightly to the ground. A female mountain lion and mother of three young cubs, steps lightly in the freshly fallen snow, leaving behind only footsteps. Being careful not to make a sound, this new mother hides her cubs away so she can go out on the hunt to secure a meal for her young. Stealthily, she moves through the mountains, taking every precaution to not draw attention to herself...

Do One Thing Today – Help us Save America’s Lion!

Now more than ever, we need each other. We need your help to stop the biggest threat to America’s lions - trophy hunting. Though it is an ineffective management tool, trophy hunting of mountain lions is still permitted in 14 of the 15 western states where mountain lions are found. And it’s not just adult male lions that are hunted and killed throughout these states. They also kill adult female lions with dependent kittens resulting in the orphaning and often death of the kittens from dehydration, malnutrition, predation and exposure; even those who are at least six months old are at risk...

Tell Oregon Board of Agriculture: Don’t Persecute Oregon’s Cougars

The Oregon Board of Agriculture is perpetuating the most harmful myths about cougars, and the cougars need Oregonians to speak up for them. At its meeting on December 2, the Board of Agriculture plans to adopt a resolution in support of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's heavy-handed and unsustainable Cougar Management Plan. The board says it's responding to the "threat that cougar predation poses to the livestock industry in Oregon...

Temecula Altair Lawsuit Settled

Conservation groups approved a legal agreement today that will protect a critical wildlife corridor for local mountain lions and other wildlife, fund restoration efforts and ensure implementation of a regional conservation plan. The agreement comes after a judge issued a ruling this spring against the proposed 270-acre Altair development in Western Riverside County in California. See the press release below:   For Immediate Release, October 26, 2020 Contact: J...

Mountain Lion Foundation Issues Plea for Proper Reporting on Utah Encounter

With an Orem, Utah, runner’s video of a harrowing mountain lion encounter going viral, the Mountain Lion Foundation is pleading with media outlets for accurate and informed reporting of the animal’s behavior. “The encounter might have been avoided altogether, but once it happened, the runner did a lot of things right,” says Denise Peterson, a Utah resident and region coordinator with the Mountain Lion Foundation...

Coexisting with Cougars

With an observant eye and some precautions, you can coexist with the pumas around your property while keeping yourself, your livestock, and your pets safe. By: Kristina Seleshanko You can read the original article published on Mother Earth News here. Photo by Adobe Stock/Seread When we first moved to our long-wished-for rural property, one of the things I looked forward to most was walking in nature...

A Lifeline for Threatened and Endangered Species: Governor Newsom Signs Rodenticide Moratorium

Sacramento, CA - By signing the California’s new rodenticide moratorium today, Governor Gavin Newsom has extended a lifeline to some of the state’s threatened and endangered species. The Mountain Lion Foundation is celebrating the much-anticipated signing of Assembly Bill 1788, authored by Assemblyman Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) and supported by more than two dozen animal welfare and environmental protection organizations...

Remembering the Rabbi

With overpowering sadness and a touch of pride, we learned of the passing of our dear friend Rabbi Joseph Hurwitz on September 4, 2020. The sadness is inescapable. It sneaks up and pounces – lion-fashion – and will not let go. Rabbi radiated love for all around him and absorbed their love in return. He led a full life. He gave unremittingly to the causes he held dear – and lions led the list...
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