Woodland stream.

Washington cougars need your help!

Washington State's cougars - mountain lions - need your help today. Special interests have convinced the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to consider new rules regarding cougar hunting in Washington. The Fish and Wildlife Commission is going to vote on one of four options, or it could vote to not change anything. "Option 1 Status quo median density" is the least onerous choice that citizens are asked to choose from, the other three options will greatly increase the number of cats that hunters can kill...

COVID-19 Notice

Dear Friends of America's Lion, The Mountain Lion Foundation cares about our staff and our communities and we understand the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has on us all. We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the collective safety of our staff and our local citizens by closing our office in Sacramento, CA and allowing our staff to work from home with flexible schedules. Our staff and Board are examining our campaigns and programs and the rest of the work we do to protect America's lion...

California's Mountain Lions Receive Further Protection

In a welcome move to protect California's mountain lions, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) expanded the boundary of the three strikes mountain lion depredation policy, effective February 13, 2020. Originally adopted in 2017, the policy requires landowners that have had pets or livestock attacked to first try non-lethal means to deter mountain lions from future attacks of their domestic animals...

Hope for California's Southern and Central Coast Mountain Lions

Current protections under California law couldn't save P-56, the first lion killed under the States three strikes law, yet there is now hope that P-56 didn't die in vain. The Petition to list California's mountain lion under the California endangered species act (CESA) was jointly filed in June of 2019 by the Mountain Lion Foundation and the Center for Biological Diversity and now the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has taken the bold step to recommended that the California mountain lion, from Santa Cruz to the Mexico border move closer to protection under CESA...

Mourning the loss of P-56

We are saddened to learn that P-56, a 4-5-year-old mountain lion that was living in the western Santa Monica Mountains, was killed on January 27 under the California State depredation law. In December 2017, a "three-strike" policy was implemented by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). In the Santa Monica and Santa Ana Mountains, lions are isolated due to habitat fragmentation and are at-risk of extinction...

Oregonians show up for cougars in Bend this month

The Mountain Lion Foundation and the Humane Society of the United States held a community event titled, "Living with Oregon's Cougars: Prevent Conflicts and Coexistence" on November 12th in Bend, Oregon. Around 80 Oregonians turned out to the workshop, eager to learn about the status of cougars in their state, as well as steps they could take in their own communities to ensure a future for apex predators amid growing conflicts...

New Mexico Ends Cougar Trapping

The New Mexico State Game Commission met in Roswell on Thursday, November 21, 2019 to vote on the state's proposed changes for the Bear and Cougar Rules. Wildlife advocates rejoiced today as the commission voted to ban the heinous sport trapping of cougars. The current revision also limited how many cougars a hunter could kill. Hunters will no longer be permitted to obtain additional tags to kill more than two cougars...

Fostering Coexistence at P-22 Day

On October 19, 2019, the Mountain Lion Foundation attended P- 22 Day in Griffith Park, California. Dozens of organizations come together every year to provide information about mountain lions to local citizens and to fundraise for the world's largest wildlife overpass - the Liberty Canyon Crossing. This year, SaveLACougars asked the Mountain Lion Foundation to expand our presence and fill one of the largest tents at the event...

Conservation Artwork at The Wildlife Society 2019 Conference

Mountain Lion Foundation will be attending The Wildlife Society 2019 Conference in Reno, Nevada from September 29th to October 3rd. We were able to create beautiful stickers for conference attendees with the help of talented conservation artists. Very few conference goers are specifically "mountain lions biologists". However, since mountain lions interact with and predate upon a wide variety of species, many scientists indirectly collect data on lions as they study their own species of interest...

August 25 marks the 103rd anniversary of the legislation that established the National Park Service

This weekend, visitors from around the world will visit National Parks in the United States. August 25 marks the 103rd anniversary of the legislation that established the National Park Service. All national parks will offer free admission to the public for the day. The parks and programs of the National Park Service connect Americans and visitors from around the world with the nation’s notable landscapes, history, and outdoor opportunities...


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