Woodland stream.

Washington Kitten Rescue UPDATE

After last week's story of two cougar kittens being rescued by Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife wardens and biologists, a third kitten from the litter was found. Though only two kittens were discovered initially after the mother lion was shot, WDFW officers believed there may have been a third and even fourth kitten hidden some where in the brush. Officer Bryan Murphie was determined to find the remaining orphans. He returned to the site of the original rescue and began playing sounds of cougar kittens chirping. This bird-like noise is how kittens call to each other and communicate with mom. Just as he had hoped, his calls were answered by a kitten in the brush chirping back. Officer Murphie scooped up the spotted furball and loaded him into his truck. He searched the area a while longer just in case a fourth and perhaps quieter kitten was also still out there. No luck. The third kitten has since been reunited with the first two at the Oregon Zoo. In the wild all three would stay together for over a year. Unfortunately, no facility is able (read the full story) to house all three permanently. By the end of this December, two will be transported to a zoo in Tennessee and the other will be placed at the Houston Zoo in Texas. All three are lucky to have good homes and wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for the dedicated and caring officers of the WDFW.




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