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Nebraska Game and Parks Commission wants to hunt mountain lions for the third year in a row

We need your help bringing an end to mountain lion hunting in Nebraska! Tell the Game and Parks Commission to protect the State’s lions and to end the hunt by commenting here today!

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) wants to open their small, declining population of mountain lions to hunting again. The most recent population estimate in the Pine Ridge region suggests that there are approximately 34 total lions living in the area – about half as many lions as there were two years ago.

Given the significant decline in the population, NGPC should hold off on a hunt. However, they are proposing to allow hunters to kill up to four mountain lions in the Pine Ridge region for the 2020-2021 hunting season. This blatant mismanagement of the state’s already small mountain lion population puts the lions at risk of going locally extinct.

Unfortunately, the state stands to lose far more than four mountain lions to hunters. If a female with dependent young is killed by a hunter while away from her kittens or cubs, they are left orphaned and will likely die from starvation, dehydration, or predation. Nebraska’s mountain lions simply cannot sustain this level of loss.

Speak up for Nebraska’s mountain lions TODAY!

If you live in Nebraska, please submit your comments here by June 17th. Tell the commission not to approve this proposal and, instead, ask them to bring an immediate end to the hunting of mountain lions in the state. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will review the 2021 mountain lion trophy hunting proposal during their meeting on June 19th.

Photo: National Park Service



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