Woodland stream.

Do One Thing Today – Help us Save America’s Lion!

Now more than ever, we need each other. We need your help to stop the biggest threat to America’s lions - trophy hunting. Though it is an ineffective management tool, trophy hunting of mountain lions is still permitted in 14 of the 15 western states where mountain lions are found. And it’s not just adult male lions that are hunted and killed throughout these states. They also kill adult female lions with dependent kittens resulting in the orphaning and often death of the kittens from dehydration, malnutrition, predation and exposure; even those who are at least six months old are at risk.

Help us by Giving to Save America’s Lion today. If you’re not able to donate today, you can still become a member by visiting our website.

Here at the Mountain Lion Foundation, we are keeping our staff and our communities safe by working from home - actively working to save mountain lions by testifying at virtual state wildlife commission meetings, responding to inquiries from the community, hosting webinars featuring some of the top scientists and conservationists in the country and we are actively working with our partners to stop the war on wildlife.

We are educating our youth with programs such as our upcoming Wild Child - Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and our new Kid’s Corner web page, helping us all to teach our children about the importance of mountain lions in our environment.

Everything you do, whether it’s donating to our cause, spreading the word on how to safely coexist with mountain lions, or ensuring you and your neighbors practice responsible animal husbandry, makes a difference and we are deeply grateful for your support.

With Gratitude,
Debra Chase, CEO

P.S. For as little as $35.00 you can receive our 2021 Calendar and help us Save America’s Lion.

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