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South Dakota determined to kill all the lions they can

Yesterday, at about the same time neighboring Nebraska was deciding not to hunt their limited number of mountain lions, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission was voting to allow hunters the use of hounds to catch and kill the few lions that make it out of the Black Hills hunting district alive. This action came about as a result of a petition submitted by the South Dakota Houndsman Association and demonstrates once again that despite talk of making wildlife decisions based on the best science, the Commission is only interested in placating hunters and killing lions...


Oregon Fish and Wildlife still telling lies to promote its lion hunting agenda

A hundred years ago Oregon, like other western states, took a harsh and draconian attitude towards wildlife. If it wasn't beneficial or it inconvenienced special interest groups steps were taken to eradicate the nuisance wildlife. This was accepted by society at that time as a proper and necessary action. But times have changed and mankind's understanding of ecological balance and the wildlife that coexist with us has grown...


South Dakota's 2015 mountain lion slaughter begins with three kills

According to the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department website, three mountain lions - one 10-year old male, and two females (5 and 8-years-old) - have already been killed in the Black Hills hunting district since the 2015 lion hunting season started on the day after Christmas. Despite failing to reach lasts year's mortality goal, and in order to avoid public opposition, South Dakota's game commission decided last August to maintain the 2014 lion hunting quota of 50 females or 75 lions total...


Little to Fear: Save Fear Itself

Man has always feared the unknown. Even now, with our dominion over nature many are frightened of wild creatures that might kill and eat humans. If you asked someone what animal frightens them the most, chances are sharks, wolves, and mountain lions will be near the top of their list. It's that fear, what some might even call irrational, that appears to fuel many of the management decisions of state game agencies, even though those same agencies claim to base their policies on science...


What is it that Iowa deer hunters have against mountain lions?

On December 14, 2009, while hunting deer, Raymond Goebels Jr. from Cedar Rapids, Iowa became infamous for killing the first verified mountain lion to be found in Iowa since the species was extirpated in 1867. Now, another Iowa deer hunter is following in his footsteps. Last Saturday evening, a 23-year-old bow-hunter was sitting up high in his tree-stand in Nebraska's Ponderosa Wildlife Management Area, when one of the state's few lactating female mountain lions came into his view...


Why Won't ODFW Face Reality and Stop Killing Innocent Cougars?

The killing of a captured cougar by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) on the 4th of July was inexcusable behavior on the part of a state agency tasked with managing Oregon's wildlife for the public trust. But what may be even worse, are the outdated and scientifically disproven excuses Department officials made justifying that action. Let's consider how this tragic situation came about...


What a Difference 18-Months Makes

Just over a year-and-a-half ago a tragedy occurred in Half Moon Bay, a small rural community along the California coast. On December 1, 2012, two frightened, starving mountain lion kittens, cowering in a residential backyard, were shot and killed by California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) wardens. Their deaths were the direct result of lack of equipment, training, and policies which, at that time, required their lives...


SDGFP Denies that South Dakota's Lion Population is in Trouble

South Dakota's 2014 mountain lion hunting season for the Black Hills region is now officially over, and despite prime lion hunting conditions, a relatively small hunt area, and the sale of more than 3,200 lion tags, hunters failed, for the second year in a row, to reach the Game Commission's quota. This year only 2/3rds (52) of the allowable mountain lions were killed by South Dakota trophy hunters, despite a 25 percent reduction from the previous year's quota...


South Dakota's 2014 Lion Hunt Fraught with Dead Kittens and Other Illegal Activities

South Dakota's 2014 mountain lion hunting season is entering its final days with at least 47 lions killed so far in the Black Hills region alone. The details of these so-called trophy kills, released by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department (SDGFP), doesn't paint a pretty picture of their state's version of "hunting," or the parties participating in it. First off, it's now questionable as to whether or not South Dakota will come close to meeting its proposed hunting quota of 50 female lions or 75 lions total...


South Dakota Hound-Hunters Aren't Happy With MLF

Thursday, South Dakota's Senators voted 18-14 to kill House Bill 1068, even though it had already been approved by the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and the House of Representative. House Bill 1068 was a legislative measure to allow the use of hounds in mountain lion hunts outside of the Black Hills. Even though the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission already allows a limited use of hounds while hunting mountain lions in Custer State Park, proponents of HB 1068 wanted this practice codified and presented all the old, worn out excuses that have been bandied about over the years by hound-hunters to justify their position on this outdated blood-sport...


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