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Always a work in progress, this page is a collection of publications, articles, photos, reports, regulations, comment letters and legislation we have complied through the years.

Current efforts include making each publication an active link, either to the publication itself, or, for materials under strict copyright protection, to an abstract and an opportunity to purchase the material.

If you have publications to recommend to the library, or have comments or corrections, please use the link above and complete the online form.

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  • The status of puma concolor in Arizona.

  • State law and regulations affecting cougars.

  • The history of cougars in Arizona.

  • Ecosystems and habitat in Arizona.

  • Cougar science and research in Arizona.

  • Our library of media, research and reports.

  • How you can take action to help!

Arizona Cougar Files Sorted by Type

Scientific Research

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Agency Reports

  • AZDFG (2007) Press Release: Game and Fish to Conduct Mountain Lion Presentation.
  • AZDFG (2012) Mountain lion harvest data
  • AZDFG. (2001). Wildlife 2006.
  • AZDFG. (2003). 2002-2003 Arizona Hunt Regulation Changes For 2002-2003, 4–8.
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  • AZDFG (n.d.). Survey, Harvest and Hunt Datafor Big and Small Game.



  • AGFD Freeman 2005 Mountain Lion Tracking Goes High Tech.
  • Arizona Daily Star 2004 Commission Agrees to Moratorium on Lion Shootings.
  • Arizona Daily Star Beal 2004 Suprise End to Sabino Lion Story.
  • Arizona Daily Star Beal 2005 2 Animal Activist convicted of Disrupting Mountain Lion Hunt in Sabino Canyon.
  • Arizona Daily Star Dalenberg 2008 Mountain Lion Killed After Menacing Hiker.
  • Arizona Daily Star McCombs 2007 Border Patrol Agent Escapes Charging Mountain Lion Unharmed.
  • Arizona Daily Star Nienstedt 2007 Fish and Wildife Service Mustn’t Allow Hunting of Mountain Lions.
  • Arizona Daily Sun 2004 Agency Votes to Protect Cougar Kittens.
  • Arizona Republic 2008 New Cubs Eli, Brady, on Prowl at Phoenix Zoo.
  • Arizona Republic Kelley 2005 Mountain Lion Kills 20 Emus, Still at Large.
  • Arizona Republic Leung 2008 10-year-old Calm as Lion Attacked, Grampa Recalls.
  • Arizona Republic Leung 2008 Rabid Mountain Lion Attacks El Mirage Boy.
  • Arizona Republic Nolan 2005 Lion Tests State’s New Protocol.
  • Arizona Republic Nolan 2005 Mountain Lion Monitored with New State Guidelines.
  • Arizona Republic Nolan 2005 SW Wildlife Hires Educational Director.
  • Arizona Republic Pitzl 2004 Development vs.
  • Arizona Republic Purtill 2007 Biologist Found Dead, Plague is Likely Cause.
  • Arizona Star 2007 Wildlife Refuge Postpones Plans for Mountain Lion Hunt.
  • Arizona Sun Cole 2005 And Then There Were 3.
  • Arizona Sun Cole 2005 No Lion, Students Learn About Living with Cougars.
  • Arizona Sun Cole 2005 Research Cougar Shot by Hunter.
  • Arizona Sun Cole 2005 Spot a Mountain Lion, Here’s What to Do.
  • Arizona Sun Muller 2004 Mountain Lion Hunt Turns Up Two Bobcats.
  • Associated Press 2008 Arizona to Stop Killing Cougars.
  • Associated Press 2008 Boy Saved From Rabid Mountain Lion.
  • Associated Press 2008 Mountain Lion Killed for Targeting Bighorn Sheep.
  • Associated Press 2008 Mountain Lion That Stalked Hiker Killed.
  • Associated Press 2008 Officials Keeping Eye On Mountain Lions Near Tucson.
  • Associated Press 2008 Rabid Mountain Lion Shot North of Phoenix After Attacking Boy.
  • Associated Press Billeaud 2007 Arizona Biologist Likely Died of Plague.
  • AZGFD Partners in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge Bighorn Sheep Restoration Effort Announce Moratorium on Mountain Lion Control.
  • Bowers 2008 Planners Consider Animal Movements in Road Plans.
  • CNN Dorin 2008 Boarder-Fence Dispute Snares Rare Jaguars.
  • Comments on 10 Year Old Attacked by Mountain Lion.
  • Cronkite News Service Duran 2007 Legislative Memorial Calls for State to Manage Bighorn Sheep in Kofa Range.
  • Cronkite News Service Novak 2007 Animals Often Pay Price When They Become Exotic Pets.
  • Daily Courier Dodde 2007 Wildlife Protocol.
  • Daily Courier Dodder 2007 Game and Fish To Redirect, Add Wildlife.
  • East Valley Tribune Kullman 2005 Scientist Aims to Meld Wildlife, Growing East Valley.
  • Environment News Service 2003 Animal Rights Groups Sue to Protect Mountain Lions.
  • Fox 11 News Roberts 2008 Mountain Lion Spotted in Madera Canyon.
  • High Country News Davis 2004 Cougar Hunt Creates Uproar.
  • High Country News Heim 2007 Making a Killing to Save Arizona’s Desert Bighorn Sheep.
  • High Country News Minard 2002 Cat Trouble Dogs Flagstaff.
  • Hull 2008 Using the Cougar.
  • KVOA Tuscon News4 2006 Refuge Could Open for First Time to Mountain Lion Hunters.
  • KVOA Tuscon News4 2008 Mountain Lion Warning for Popular Tuscon Trail.
  • KVOA Tuscon News4 2008 Mountain Lions Spotted in Tuscon.
  • Local10 2007 Biologist Dies of Plage In Arizona.
  • Mattson 2002 The Importance of Walnut Canyon National Monument as Habitat for Cougars (Puma Concolor) in an Urban Interface Environment.
  • Mattson 2002 Walnut Canyon 2002 David Mattson Email.
  • Mattson 2002 Walnut Canyon Cougar Report Form.
  • Medical News Today 2007 Plague Suspected in Death of Man in Arizona.
  • NewsChannel 3 Staff 2004 Protest Over Mountain Lions Leads to Arrest.
  • Phoenix Zoo 2008 Comments on Phoenix Zoo Looking to Name New Mountain Lion Cubs.
  • Phoenix Zoo 2008 Phoenix Zoo Looking To Name New Mountain Lion Cubs.
  • Roffe and Work 2005 EXCERPT Wildlife Health Disease Investigations pp197-202 of Techniques for Wildlife Investigations Management.pdf.
  • Sierra Vista Herald Hess 2007 Group Spending Weekend Tracking Mountain Lions on Fort.
  • The Fund For Animals 2003 Animal Protection Groups File Suit Over Arizona Mountain Lion Killing “Study.”
  • Tucson Citizen 2006 Attorney; Activists’ Trial Not About Lions.
  • Tucson Citizen 2007 Review Halts Planned Kofa Mountain Lion Hunt.
  • Tucson Citizen Copenhaver 2005 Boost Your Cougar Awareness.
  • Tucson Citizen Copenhaver 2005 Keeping Tabs on Lions.
  • Tuscon Citizen Cedillos 2004 Dozens Gather to Protest Mountain Lion Hunt in Sabino.
  • Tuscon Citizen Flick 2005 Three Indicted Again in Sabino Mountain Lion Hunt.
  • UPI 2008 Family Fights Off Rabid Mountain Lion.
  • Yuma Sun 2008 Comments on Officials Announce Killing of Mountain Lion.
  • Yuma Sun 2008 Officials Seek Input on Kofa Mountain Lions.
  • Yuma Sun Gilber 2008 Public Comment Period for Kofa Mountain Lion Plan Extended.
  • Yuma Sun Gilbert 2007 Group Critical of Mountain Lion Killing.
  • Yuma Sun Gilbert 2008 Officials Announce Killing of Mountain Lion.
  • Yuma Sun Rotstein 2007 Wildlife Refuge Postpones Plans for Mountain Lion Hunt.

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Environmental Scorecard

League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters' scorecard considers the State Legislature's environmental records since 1971. It quantifies the environmental votes of each individual legislator — an important first step in considering accountability — and provides critical qualitative assessments as well. The scorecard will help you to know your legislator before you write a letter in support of cougars.

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