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Always a work in progress, this page is a collection of publications, articles, photos, reports, regulations, comment letters and legislation we have complied through the years.

Current efforts include making each publication an active link, either to the publication itself, or, for materials under strict copyright protection, to an abstract and an opportunity to purchase the material.

If you have publications to recommend to the library, or have comments or corrections, please use the link above and complete the online form.

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Mountain Lion Files Sorted by Type

Scientific Research

  • Balkenhol, N., Holbrook, J. D., Onorato, D., Zager, P., White, C., & Waits, L. P. (2014). A multi-method approach for analyzing hierarchical genetic structures: A case study with cougars Puma concolor. Ecography, 37(6), 552–563.
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Agency Reports

  • MTFWP. (n.d.). Bear Spray Successfully Deterred a Mountain Lion.


  • Court. (1997). No. 96-551, (96).
  • Senate. (2011). Montana Conservation Issue Legislative Hotlist Montana Conservation Issue Legislative Hotlist.
  • Senate. (2011). Senate Bill No. 395, (2), 1-10.


  • News. (2015). MLF Online News Nov 11 2015.

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