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Always a work in progress, this page is a collection of publications, articles, photos, reports, regulations, comment letters and legislation we have complied through the years.

Current efforts include making each publication an active link, either to the publication itself, or, for materials under strict copyright protection, to an abstract and an opportunity to purchase the material.

If you have publications to recommend to the library, or have comments or corrections, please use the link above and complete the online form.

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  • The history of cougars in Oregon.

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  • Cougar science and research in Oregon.

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Oregon Cougar Files Sorted by Type

Scientific Research

  • Carroll, C. (2000). An evaluation of the biological feasibility of restoring wolf, wolverine, and grizzly bear to oregon and california, (July).
  • Chinitz, A. (2014). Laying the groundwork for public participation in cougar management: a case study of southwestern oregon, 4441, 33062.
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Agency Reports


  • US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, Judge's Opinion, Oregon Cougar Lawsuit Case 09-35541, 2010


  • Associated Press, 2004, Wildlife Officer has to Kill Cougar, After Goats are Attacked
  • Associated Press, 2005, Bill to Loosen Cougar Hunting Rules Loses Steam
  • Associated Press, 2005, Draft Plan Calls for Increase in Cougar Harvest
  • Associated Press, 2005, Pesty Cougar Rekindles Interest in Government Trappers
  • Associated Press, 2006, Hunters Becoming an Endangered Species
  • Associated Press, 2006, Oregon Hopes to Trim Rising Cougar Population
  • Associated Press, 2007, Group Blasts Governor for Signing Cougar Bill
  • Associated Press, 2007, Opponent; Cougar-Bear Bill Violates Spirit of Oregon Initiative
  • Associated Press, 2007, Opponents, Cougar-Bear Bill Violates Spirit of Oregon Initiative
  • Associated Press, 2007, Oregon Wildlife Biologist Seek to Expand Cougar Hunting Zone
  • Associated Press, 2007, Two Southern Oregon Cougars Killed for Study
  • Associated Press, 2008, Farmers Say Cougars Killing More Livestock
  • Associated Press, 2008, Oregon Lawmakers Keeping Tabs on Cougar Killing
  • Associated Press, 2008, Oregon Teen Cited for Wounding Cougar
  • Associated Press, 2008, Oregon Wildlife Biologists Create New Cougar Traps
  • Associated Press, 2006, Cougar Management Plan Drawing Plenty of Skepticism
  • Associated Press, 2004, Cougar Shot After Livestock Damage
  • Associated Press, 2007, Rural Areas Offer Guides to Newcomers
  • Baker City Herald Jacoby , 2006, Cougars; Hunters See More Success
  • Bend Weekly , 2007, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Cat
  • Big Wildlife , 2007, Senate Passes Bill to Reinstate Barbaric Practice of Hounding Cougars
  • Capital Press , 2007, Senate Panel Moves Cougar Bill
  • Christan Science Monitor Knickerbocker , 2005, Wolf Comeback Turns Predator into Prey
  • Daily Argus Observer , 2006, Argus Editorial Missed the Mark
  • Daily Astorian , 2006, Cougar Youth Reports Another Sighting
  • Daily Astorian Eddy , 2005, Seaside Boy “Dive-Bombed” by Mountain Lion
  • Darling , 2006, Officials Kill 4 Cougars in 6 Weeks
  • Democrat-Herald , 2005, State Increases Cougar Hunt Tags
  • East Oregonian Lies , 2007, Senate Panel Moves Cougar Hunting Bill
  • Ferren , 2005, Cougar Contol
  • High Country News , 2006, Wilkison Lion Plan Draws Heat from Scientists, Enviros
  • High Country News Marston , 2000, Heard Around the West
  • High Country News McCord , 2005, Dogs Could Chase Big Cats Again
  • High Country News Trail , 2006, Killing Cougars is the Easy Choice
  • HineSight-Blog , 2007, Oregon Cougars (and Voters) Not Getting a Fair Shake
  • KATU , 2006, Cougar Cub Put Down Due to Poor Health
  • KATU , 2006, Footage of Sick Cougar Cub Before It Was Euthanized
  • KATU , 2008, Cougar Killed After Stalking Oregon Girls
  • KATU Harding , 2006, Time May Have Run Out for Cougar Cub
  • KING 5 News Brill , 2008, Cougar Stalks Students in Olympia Park
  • KOPB News Garnet , 2006, Wildlife Officals Begin Cougar Trapping Program
  • KTVL , 2007, Group of Local Ranchers and Farmers Oppose Cougar Killings
  • KTVL , 2007, More of Jackson County Could Be Opened Up to Cougar Hunting
  • KTVZ , 2006, Conservationists Attack Oregon’s Cougar Plan
  • KTVZ , 2007, Coexisting with Cougars
  • KVAL , 2006, Cougar Dead
  • Lehman , 2008, Wildlife Groups Call on State to Suspend Cougar Management Plan
  • Mail Tribune , 2007, Cougar Hearing Delayed
  • Mail Tribune Conrad , 2007, Cougar is Suspect in 4-H Ram’s Demise
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2007, Thinning Study Leads to First Cougar Kills
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2003, Oregon Cop Guilty of Wildlife Charges
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2005, Cougar Plan Impacts Jackson County
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2005, State Biologists to Inspect Suspected Cougar Prey
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2007, Cougars on the Prowl
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2007, Feds May Take on Cougar Kills
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2007, Proposed Expansion of Cougar Hunt Zone Studied
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2007, Sport Hunter Cougar Kills Reach Record
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2008, Medford Cougars’ Activities are Being Monitored
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2008, New Tool, Old Problem
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2008, Resident Kills Bold Cougar Near Wimer
  • Mail Tribune Jepsen , 2007, Oregon House Oks Cougar, Bear Hunting Methods
  • Mail Tribune Jepsen , 2007, Senate OKs Hound-hunt Cougar Kills
  • Mail Tribune Jepsen , 2007, Southern Oregon Contingent Speaks Against Cougar Bill
  • Mail Tribune Mann , 2006, Combating Cougar Kills
  • Mail Tribune Mann , 2006, Cougar Hunter Gears Up for Move
  • Mail Tribune Mann , 2006, County Wants to Hire Cougar Hunter
  • Mail Tribune Mann , 2007, Cougar Hearing Dominates County Budget Session
  • Mail Tribune Mann , 2008, Cougar Shot by Teen in Shady Cove
  • Mail Tribune Freeman , 2005, Cougar Debate Invites Different Solutions
  • Mail Tribune Jepsen , 2007, Bill Would OK Hunting Cougars with Canines
  • Medford, 2000,
  • New, 2000,
  • News Review , 2006, Three Counties Tapped as Cougar Plan Testing Grounds
  • News Review Duncan , 2007, Cougar Killed After Eating Pet Cat in Tiller
  • News Review Sowell , 2006, Oregon Cougar Killed After
  • News-Register , 2007, Cougar Spotted in Tice Woods Park
  • News-Times Dillman , 2008, Cougar Plan Part of Hatfield Hearing
  • Oregon Outdoor Journal , 2007, Oregon Cougar Hunting Under Fire
  • Pettes, Tanyos , 2008, Girl Safe After Beng Stalked by Cougar
  • Portland Indy Media , 2007, Cougar Bill Heading to the House Floor
  • Portland Indy Media Vincent , 2007, Coalition Vows to Stop Slaughter of Oregon’s Cougars
  • Public, 2000,
  • Register-Guard Baker , 2006, Cougar Tails; Two Orphaned Cubs are Spared from Euthanasia and Brought to Oregon Zoo in Portland
  • Register-Guard Moran , 2006, Cougar in Wrong Place at Wrong Time
  • Register-Guard Nolan , 2007, Police Investigate Cougar Sightings
  • Register-Guard Sachs , 2005, State’s Cougar Program a Fraud
  • Register-Guard Stahlberg , 2005, Close Encounter with Mother Cougar Turns Hunter into the Hunted
  • Salem Monthly Boyer , 2007, Lions and Cougars and Bears -- Oh My
  • Science Now Morell , 2007, Oregon Cougars To Be Hounded
  • ScienceDaily , 2006, Cougar Predation Key To Ecosystem Health
  • SDGFP. , 1973, Mountain lion.
  • Silverton Appeal Traver , 2007, Small Group Learns about Dangers of Mountain Lions
  • Statesman Journal , 2005, Hunters Can Take Study Critters
  • Statesman Journal , 2006, Board is Expected to OK Cougar Plan
  • Statesman Journal , 2006, Cougar Advocated are Invited to Workshop
  • Statesman Journal , 2006, Panel OKs Plan to Kill Cougars
  • Statesman Journal , 2006, Urge State to Alter Plan for Cougar Management.
  • Statesman Journal , 2006, Oregon’s Cougar Management Plan; A Bad Choice for Oregon.
  • Statesman Journal , 2006, Cougars’ Threat Doen’t Justify Plan to Kill Them.
  • Statesman Journal , 2007, Hogan, Cougar “Experiment” is Killing Wildlife.
  • Statesman Journal , 2007, Learn About Cougar Issues
  • Statesman Journal , 2007, Next Tuesday Falls on Thursday This Week
  • Statesman Journal , 2007, Senate Approves Amended Cougar, Bear Hunting Legislation
  • Statesman Journal Bolner , 2005, State Park Near Keizer Reports Five Cougar Sightings in Summer
  • Statesman Journal Miller , 2007, Bill OKs Use of Dogs in Cougar, Bear Kills
  • Statesman Journal Miller , 2007, Dogs Could Be used to Hunt Cougars, Bears
  • Statesman Journal Moss , 2007, State Agency Wages War on Cougars
  • Sweet Home News , 2007, Cougar Problem is Something City Dwellers Don’t Comprehend
  • The Olympian , 2007, Learn About Mountain Lions
  • The Oregonian , 2005, Fewer Cougar Kills Puzzle Biologists
  • The Oregonian , 2005, Success Could Be Cougars’ Undoing
  • The Oregonian , 2006, Hunters Becoming an Endangered Species
  • The Oregonian , 2006, Porcupine in Decline, Biologists Opine
  • The Oregonian , 2007, Measure Would Let Hunters Use Dogs to Track Cougars, Bears
  • The Oregonian , 2008, State Sets Rules for Houndsmen to Hunt Cougars, Black Bears
  • The Oregonian Babcock , 2007, Lion-by-Lion Wildlife Study Learns About Numbers, Hunting
  • The Oregonian Bingham , 2007, Fuzzy Spring Lambs Easy Pickings for Predators
  • The Oregonian Cain , 2007, House Backs Allowing Volunteers to Use Dogs in Cougar Hunts
  • The Oregonian Kost , 2007, Senate Passes Bill to Relax Cougar Hunt Restrictions
  • The Pilot Weissman , 2008, Cougar Sighting

ON AIR: Phil Carter - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

03/19/13 An Audio Interview with Julie West, MLF Broadcaster

In this edition of our audio podcast ON AIR, MLF Volunteer Julie West interviews mountain lion program manager Phil Carter of Animal Protection of Oregon. Carter discusses the often ridiculous lengths the Oregon Department of Game and Fish will go to to disregard the public, bury scientific research, and ignore all common sense. Trying to protect mountain lions in Oregon and incorporate the best science into management has turned into a game of one step forward, two steps back.

Click here to visit the scorecard's website...

Environmental Scorecard

League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters' scorecard considers the State Legislature's environmental records since 1971. It quantifies the environmental votes of each individual legislator — an important first step in considering accountability — and provides critical qualitative assessments as well. The scorecard will help you to know your legislator before you write a letter in support of cougars.

Click here to view our Activist Guide...

Becoming a Mountain Lion Activist

There are lots of opportunities to take action!

Are you new to mountain lion activism? You want to change your local environment to improve it for cougars... but you don't know how to start. You may feel like you are all alone... but it takes just one person to change the attitudes and lifestyles of hundreds of others. You don't need to belong to a group. It doesn't take special skills or superhuman abilities. You just need to care enough about cougars to want to help them survive. You've already done the hard part, now let us help you with the next step.

Click here to open a new window and visit the agency's website...

Oregon Department of Game and Fish.

Commonly abbreviated as: ODFW

Curt Melcher, Director

Main Office:
4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 947-6000

Carnivore-Furbearer Coordinator
Derek Broman
4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, OR 97302
(530) 947-6095

Please write to the director and express your concern for lions in Oregon.

Thank ODFW when they take steps to protect our state's cougars. When they fall short of expectations, politely ask for policy reform and more officer training.


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