Morgan Monroe State Forest, Indiana

Remembering the Rabbi


With overpowering sadness and a touch of pride, we learned of the passing of our dear friend Rabbi Joseph Hurwitz on September 4, 2020. The sadness is inescapable. It sneaks up and pounces – lion-fashion – and will not let go. Rabbi radiated love for all around him and absorbed their love in return. He led a full life. He gave unremittingly to the causes he held dear – and lions led the list. He had a bad word for no person, greeted each day with a smile, and lived to see his dreams fulfilled...

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mountain lion cougar puma catamount panther
all the same animal!

Whatever you call America's Lion...

he's more than a trophy...
too few in numbers...
across far less habitat...
in a land with more people.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered about Mountain Lions
Photograph of lion walking through autumn leaves.

The American Lion:
Biology and Behavior

Spend just eight minutes and learn little known facts about the fascinating mountain lion. Get a glimpse of how a mountain lion thinks, feels, and senses. What makes the mountain lion so adaptable to a wide variety of habitats? How does their hunting differ from that of wolves and bears? What is their relationship to the ecosystem?
Photograph of two autumn leaves, green and bright crimson.

ON AIR: Will Stolzenburg about his New Book

5/5/16 An Audio Interview with Julie West, MLF Broadcaster

Heart of a Lion explores the incredible journey of one mountain lion across the eastern United States.



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