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The Mountain Lion Twins of the Beartooth Mountains by Courtney Long. Long is the Education Manager for the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

This story is adapted from true biological information about the early life of mountain lions. Photos are taken and edited by the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Courtney Long for allowing us to share this book with all of you mountain lion lovers out there. Enjoy!

Learn about the importance of mountain lions.


Test your knowledge about the world’s wild cats, including America’s lion and maybe some cats you’ve never heard of. Writer and naturalist Caryl Pearson created this quiz with questions in three levels, each more challenging than the last.

Cub Quiz

      1. The tail of the mountain lion is:
        A.  Short, like a bobcat.
        B.  Long, like a leopard.
        C.  The mountain lion has no tail.
        D.  It depends on the lion.
      1. Which of these wild cats can run the fastest in the 100-yard dash?
        A.  Mountain lion
        B.  Tiger
        C.  Cheetah
        D.  African lion
      1. Which of the following wild cats is the largest one living on Earth today?
        A.  The tiger (Panthera tigris)
        B.  African lion (Panthera leo)
        C.  Sabertooth tiger (Smilodon fatalis)
        D.  Jaguar (Panthera onca)
      2. At which stage of life does the mountain lion have spots?
        A.  Old-timer
        B.  Whippersnapper
        C.  Grownup
        D.  All ages
      3. If you were going to fix dinner for a mountain lion, which of the following would he most likely prefer?
        A.  peanut butter and jelly
        B.  veggie fried rice
        C.  waffles
        D.  roast beef with gravy

Answers. 1: B; 2: C, The cheetah clocked at 6.6 seconds!; 3: A, the tiger (The Sabertooth Tiger is extinct.); 4: B, The whippersnapper; spots are usually faded by about 8 months. 5: D, lions are like all cats and they love meat.

Intermediate Quiz

      1. How far can a mountain lion jump horizontally in a single bound when running?
        A.  10 ft.
        B.  20 ft.
        C.  30 ft.
        D.  45 ft.
      2. Pick the type of habitat where the mountain lion would most like to live:
        A.  Seashore
        B.  Desert
        C.  Forest with tall trees
        D.  Hills with brush, trees, and rocks
      3. Which of the following wild cats likes to hide and pounce on their prey rather than chase it?
        A.  Tiger
        B.  Leopard
        C.  Mountain lion
        D.  All of the above
      4. Which wild cat species is considered to be truly social, living in groups called prides?
        A.  Bobcat
        B.  Mountain lion
        C.  African lion
        D.  Cheetah
      5. Which state does not allow humans to hunt mountain lions?
        A.  Texas
        B.  California
        C.  Oregon
        D.  Colorado

Answers: 1: C, 30 feet!; 2: D, (While lions are adaptable and could live in any of these environments, this habitat has the most cover for sneaking up on prey.); 3: D; 4. C; 5. B.

Challenging Quiz

      1. Which of the following wild cats is known for its ability to descend from a tree head-first?
        A.  Lynx
        B.  Leopard
        C.  Jaguar
        D.  Mountain lion
      2. The smallest wild cat on earth weighs only 3 1/2 pounds and lives in India.  What is it called?
        A.  Indian Pygmy Cat
        B.  Miniature Jungle Cat
        C.  Rusty Spotted Cat
        D.  The Little Mouser
      3. Which of the following cats have pupils that close to a dot, rather than a slit?
        A.  Common domestic house cat
        B.  Mountain lion
        C.  Ocelot
        D.  Cheetah
      4. Which of the following wild cats has its range from the Yukon all the way down to southern Argentina?
        A.  Lynx
        B.  Mountain lion
        C.  Jaguar
        D.  Snow leopard
      5. A famous mountain lion has lived as a bachelor in a park in Los Angeles for many years.  What is his name?
        A.  Lonely One
        B.  Hercules
        C.  P-22
        D.  Sir Leaps-a-lot
      6. Which of the following cats has the spookiest and most hair-raising call in the animal kingdom?
        A.  Tiger
        B.  African Lion
        C.  Jaguar
        D.  Mountain lion

Answers: 1: B; 2: C; 3: B & D; 4: B; 5: C; 6: D (Female mountain lions make an alarming sound when searching for mates. This earned the cats the nickname mountain screamer.)

Top Ten Books

By Megan Wagner Lloyd, Illustrated by Abigail Halpin

A lovely, lyrical picture book with gorgeous illustrations that explores the ways the wild makes itself known to us and how much closer it is than we think.

There are so many places where wild can exist, if only you know where to look! Can you find it? Two kids set off on an adventure away from their urban home and discover all the beauty of the natural world. From the bark on the trees to the sudden storm that moves across the sky to fire and flowers, and snowflakes and fresh fruit. As the children make their way through the woods and back to the paved and noisy streets, they discover that wild exists not just off in some distant place, but right in their own backyard.

Facts About the Mountain Lion: A Picture Book for Kids

By Lisa Strattin

This educational mountain lion book presents facts along with full-color photographs and carefully chosen words to teach children about the mountain lion.

Reading age: ‎ 5 – 7 years. Independently published 2019.

It’s Nice to Be a Mountain Lion

By Molly Woodward. Photography by Pat and Tom Leeson.

It’s nice to be a mountain lion lounging in a tree; going for a little prowl with lots to learn and see! This board book introduces babies and toddlers to a very adorable animal. Playful, rhyming text takes us through a day in the life of a cougar, supplemented by fun facts for parents to share with youngsters. With plenty of photographs to coo over, this new addition to the It’s Nice to Be series will charm children and parents alike.

Reading age: Baby to 3 years. Heyday Publishing, 2018.

Mountain Lion! 

By Sue Reed

An educational children’s book about mountain lions with fun facts.

Independently published, 2021.

Henry the Mountain Lion

By Angela R. Adams and Ginny Conaway

Follow two cousins as they try to find Henry the Mountain Lion on Hemric Mountain. Based on a true story.

Chickpea Books, 2017

How Do We Live Together? Mountain Lions

By Lucia Raatma

How Do We Live Together: Mountain Lions opens young eyes to the bustling world around them and gently encourages early learning. Boys and girls will see how mountain lions care for their young, and find out where they live, what they eat and how they behave. Readers are encouraged to think critically about how we share our backyards with these wonderful cats.

Cherry Lake Publishing, 2010.

Abayomi, The Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub

By Darcy Pattison. Illustrated by Kitty Harvill

This book is a true story about a mother puma who, in an attempt to steal a chicken, gets caught in a trap and dies. The search is on to find her orphaned cub. Will the scientists be able to find the cub before time runs out? How will the cub face a complicated world alone – and find a way to survive?

Reading age: 5-12 years. Mim’s House, 2013

Mountain Lions (Animals of North America) 

By Christa C. Hogan

Introduces readers to the life, diet, habitat, behavior, and physical description of mountain lions. Colorful spreads, fun facts, diagrams, a range map, and a special reading feature make this an exciting read for animal lovers and report writers alike.

Reading age‏:‎ 8 – 11 years. Focus Readers, 2017.


Kids, check out these cool photos of wild mountain lions! Download your favorite and make it your desktop background so you can see these magnificent animals anytime.

Coloring Pages

For all you little mountain lions out there, how about coloring a big cat of your own?! Download and print out your favorite mountain lion picture and bring it to life.

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Crossword Puzzle

Enjoy this wildcat crossword puzzle courtesy of Caryl Pearson. Click here to open the Wildcat-Crossword as a fillable form in a new window: