Mar 17, 2023
Living with Lions Webinar Series 2024

Mountain lions play a critical role in maintaining a healthy natural ecosystem in every landscape they inhabit, but their continued presence in those landscapes is often tenuous.

Our Living with Lions webinar series highlights the challenges mountain lions face in existing in a human-dominated world, as well as the steps that we can take to preserve their presence here.

Interested in hearing the latest developments in mountain lion research? Want to be a more effective advocate for wildlife? These webinars are for you!

Registration is open now for these webinars:

A mountain lion crosses under a highway.

Purr-fect Puma Crossings

Wednesday, February 21 from 12-1pm PST via Zoom

Ahíga Sandoval, Co-Principal and Field Operations Manager at Pathways for Wildlife, will share new research about how mountain lions are using highway crossings along Highway 395 and Highway 17 in California. By watching Ahíga’s terrific video footage, you’ll see several lion families, witness cubs growing up over time, and be amazed by a menagerie of other wildlife using the crossings as well.

This research is helping highway planners find ideal spots for lion crossings in California and other states, and it’s also helping those planners understand what kinds of crossings work best for different animals on different landscapes. Too many lions are being killed along roadways, and helping mountain lions to cross roads safely also reduces the genetic isolation of different lion communities. Fortunately, research like Ahíga’s is shedding light on how we can coexist with and ensure the long-term survival of divided lion populations, especially in the face of expanding human communities and highway systems everywhere mountain lions live.


Livestock Guardian Dogs: An Ancient Solution to Modern Wildlife Conflicts

Wednesday, March 20 from 12-1pm PST via Zoom

Livestock Guardian Dogs are a new addition to ranching culture in the United States, with the wider scale use of dogs implemented as recently as the 1970’s. Their place as a cultural staple of coexistence around the world, however, stretches back thousands of years. Join Gowan Batist, our Coexistence Programs Manager, to learn why this special relationship with dogs is possibly the most effective coexistence strategy across the globe. Find out why ranchers from Patagonia to Botswana are benefitting from working with these ancient pastoral partners.

Most people won’t ever see a mountain lion in person, and most people won’t work with these unique dogs either, but everyone can benefit from understanding more about them. As planned grazing operations move closer into urban areas, such as goats clearing brush in fire prone freeway margins in California, more and more of us will experience the moment of cognitive dissonance that comes when a member of the flock suddenly starts to bark!


Stay tuned, as each month we will dive in deep with scientists, journalists, authors, policymakers and more. Unless otherwise noted, all talks will take place at noon Pacific time, via Zoom. Registration is free and required in order to receive the link.

All events are free to attend, with donations to support our efforts welcome. This community has contributed well over $10,000 toward mountain lion protection efforts through these webinars since their launch in 2021. It’s inspiring to see so many people not only making time in their lives for mountain lions, but also giving generously to support recovery and co-existence efforts.

The webinars that we have hosted thus far are available for viewing here: 

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