Jun 9, 2021
Help Stop the Sheriff and His Killing Posse

We have joined a lawsuit against renegade Sheriff Songer in Klickitat County, Washington for unlawfully killing cougars. The Sheriff went rogue in 2019 convening a large posse to kill cougars just for being seen or living their natural lives in their natural environment.

This cougar killing program has resulted in the slaughtering of at least 16 cougars between August 2019 and July 2020. Just. For. Existing.

The lawsuit seeks a declaration by the court that the agency’s use of hounds to hunt cougars is unconstitutional, as well as a judgment stripping the civilian posse of any credentials to hunt cougars with the use of hounds or other means.

It also seeks a judgment by the court barring the sheriff’s office from killing cougars damaging property without authorization from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

Please help us stop this cruel and inhumane practice by the Klickitat Sheriff and his posse.

We must move faster to protect these beautiful lions. Please give today to Stop the Sheriff and help Save Washington’s Cougars.

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