Mountain Lion Foundation – WCN Fall Expo

The Mountain Lion Foundation is the only group working throughout the United States solely to Save America’s Lion. We work with policymakers, livestock owners, and concerned community members to develop scientific approaches to mountain lion management that protect public safety and sustain mountain lions and the ecosystems that depend on them.

Among our current efforts:

·         Through our network of concerned Utahns, petitioning the Utah Wildlife Board and its Regional Advisory Councils to adopt cougar hunt regulations that will ensure healthy mountain lion populations and protect mothers as they nurse and teach their young. Since mountain lions regulate their own population density, hunting is not necessary as a management tool, and cougar hunting can disrupt populations and make conflict with humans more likely.

·         Suing to stop a rogue sheriff in Washington from using hound packs to pursue every cougar seen in the county. Washington has banned hound hunts since the ‘90s (and a statewide initiative supported by MLF), but the sheriff is attempting to create loopholes and evade other state wildlife laws. While many wildlife managers have abandoned the ideology of slaughtering carnivores, that attitude remains common in much of the Western US. MLF uses education and legal pressure to change minds and practices.

·         Working with ranchers and hobby farmers throughout the mountain lion range to protect livestock without endangering the lives of mountain lions. Building relationships one-on-one helps spread the message that coexistence with mountain lions is possible, and ultimately cheaper and better for humans and wildlife. MLF staff and our volunteer network meet with small groups, neighborhood by neighborhood, to teach people how to keep their households and livestock safe in cougar country.

·         Developing a network of trail cameras and wildlife spotters to share the joy of sighting these elusive and beautiful creatures in the wild spaces around us.

To learn more about MLF’s work on conservation of these inspiring big cats, sign up below. We’ll be in touch with other ways you can support mountain lion conservation in your neck of the woods.

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