Nov 4, 2023
Gearing up for Giving Tuesday

The Mountain Lion Foundation’s dedicated members play a critical role in the protection of mountain lions across the nation. November 28 is Giving Tuesday, a special day to come together and ensure that America’s mountain lion survives and flourishes in the wild.

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Our work has been ramping up recently in Colorado, where we are thrilled to report that voters will soon have a chance to put an end to mountain lion hunting within their state. Initiatives like this pave the way for protecting mountain lions throughout the country.

The ballot measure would establish a new section of Colorado law, declaring that “Trophy hunting of a mountain lion, bobcat, or lynx by any means is prohibited.” Voters will be asked to agree that “trophy hunting of mountain lions, bobcats, and lynx serves no socially acceptable or ecologically beneficial purpose,” and to outlaw any hunting except that specifically authorized by state agencies as a response to livestock depredations or immediate risk to people. Even in such cases, the law would make clear that lethal responses cannot be contemplated until “appropriate nonlethal methods…have been taken” according to rules set by the state Department of Parks and Wildlife.

If adopted, Colorado and California would stand as the two states which have protected mountain lions from all recreational hunting. The Mountain Lion Foundation was founded by leaders of the successful referendum campaign in California and has been proud to support the Colorado residents who are leading the charge to end trophy hunts for mountain lions in their state.

The Mountain Lion Foundation is looking forward to continued work with this campaign to ensure that Colorado wildlife policy is built on a foundation of the best science and a true reflection of Coloradans’ love for the outdoors.

We are only able to continue this work in Colorado and throughout the west thanks to the support of people like you, who recognize the importance of preserving our natural world and protecting the creatures that call it home.

With your support on this Giving Tuesday, we will continue to educate the public about the importance of mountain lions, support coexistence, and advocate for policies that protect their habitats and promote their long-term survival.

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