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TimesSquare Mountain Lion Hunting Billboard

Now appearing in Times Square!

The Mountain Lion Foundation currently has a short, but important public service announcement on display in New York City's Time Square Plaza now through mid-July. The PSA highlights a major issue threatening America's lion today: trophy hunting. Check out the slider at the top of this page to see the PSA as it is shown in Times Square. You can view the billboard live here! If you're in the area, the billboard can be found at 1500 Broadway in Times Square NY.


    Mountain lions have endured constant hunting pressure in all but two states where they are established. Today, trophy hunters kill more of America's remaining lions than bounty hunters killed during the years of government-sponsored cougar-removal. Three Hunting Hounds - Photo Courtesy of Cowgirl Jules. Best consensus science from decades-long research of mountain lions and their social structures in multiple states and provinces repeatedly demonstrate that trophy hunting increases human conflicts these big cats. In spite of biologists' published science, wildlife agencies continue to set unsustainable hunting quotas.

    Around 3000 of America's lion are being killed each year by trophy hunters for sport. Research has repeatedly shown that, contrary to popular belief, hunting is not an effective way to "manage" mountain lions. Instead, hunting mountain lions leads to an increase in conflicts with these big cats by disrupting their social structure, resulting in an influx of dispersing subadults. This influx of young lions also results in an increase of kitten mortality.

    While most people are aware of the ethical and conservation issues surrounding trophy hunting of Africa's lions, elephants, leopards and much more, mountain lions in the United States are often overlooked. America's lion was nearly wiped out from North America once. According to International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), mountain lion populations are in decline. Unsustainable trophy hunting quotas, coupled with habitat degradation and loss, are leading to an uncertain future for America's only big cat.


    Trophy hunting is one of the major threats that mountain lions face today. However, it isn't the only threat plaguing mountain lions. As the human population continues to increase, the amount of available habitat continues to decrease. With more cars on the road and more people and domestic animals on the landscape, many lions are being killed by vehicle strike or for opportunistically preying on unprotected pets and livestock. Additionally, environmental toxins, including rodenticides and pollution are contributing to population decline. Many kittens are orphaned and often die when their mothers are killed by trophy hunters, poachers, or on roadways before they reach adolescence. Visit our Active Threats page for more information.

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About the Mountain Lion Foundation

The Mountain Lion Foundation, founded in 1986, is a national nonprofit organization protecting mountain lions and their habitat.

We believe that mountain lions are in peril.

Our nation is on the verge of destroying this apex species upon which whole ecosystems depend. Hunting mountain lions is morally unjustified, and killing lions to prevent conflicts is ineffective and dangerous.

There is a critical need to know more about the biology, behavior, and ecology of mountain lions, and governments should base decisions upon truthful science, valid data, and the highest common good. Conserving critical lion habitat is essential.



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