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Stalking Los Angeles: Finding Courage and Love in the Madness

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By Tom Berquist

As part of a special spring promotion, and thanks to Tom Berquist, we are offering a free electronic copy of his new book Stalking Los Angeles for donations of $15 or more.

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About Stalking Los Angeles

A gripping coming of age story about Reggie, a Native American boy forced to leave his country home and move to LA. At the same time, a young mountain lion enters the megalopolis in search of a mate and faces poachers and poisons. Reggie struggles to fit in with new friends and a new school, and goes on a vision quest to rediscover his roots. There, he discovers his spiritual power animal—the mountain lion—and hopes it will help guide him into manhood. Meanwhile, we learn how the lion tries to adapt to a hostile habitat and how wildlife experts work to protect the species. How will the lives of this boy and a lion intersect?

In the words of one reviewer: "In creating a parallel between the lives of a teenage boy and a young mountain lion, both trying to contend with the challenges of today's world, the author reminds us that we are all earth's creatures bound together on one planet."

About the Author: Tom Berquist

Growing up in the boondocks of Northern Minnesota, Tom dreamed of becoming a game warden. He loved the woods and vowed he'd never sit behind a desk working in an office. He left home, moved to New York and started his career in a cubicle as an advertising copywriter.

After a lifetime in business and living in the Northeast, the journey of a wild animal captivated him. A young male mountain lion travelled 1700 miles from South Dakota to Connecticut in search of a mate. He was killed on a highway not far from Tom's home. Soon after the author moved to Santa Monica, California, another mountain lion was killed by police a few blocks from his new home, on Tom's birthday.

The author's love and respect for wild animals was re-kindled. At least he could now write about them. So Tom wrote this story to inspire young (and older) people to not give up on their dreams.

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