Jan 13, 2016
What are the odds?

What are the odds?

The historical average odds of any one individual being fatally attacked by a mountain lion in the United States is about one in a billion, or three times LESS likely than that same individual getting the winning numbers in tonight’s Powerball Lottery.

In the past 25 years there have been only seven fatal mountain lion attacks in the United States.

This is a 28% chance (7 divided by 25) of this event occurring in any year in the United States.

The US population is currently 321 million, but over the past 25 years the average population was 299 million.

Which makes the odds of being fatally attacked by a mountain lion one in 1,068,681,429, just a little more than one in a billion!

While you are waiting to find out whether you are a winner, why not learn how to protect yourself in the rare event of a mountain lion encounter.


Good luck and safe travels from the Mountain Lion Foundation.

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