Oct 21, 2019
Fostering Coexistence at P-22 Day

Fostering Coexistence at P-22 Day

Staff and volunteersOn October 19, 2019, the Mountain Lion Foundation attended P- 22 Day in Griffith Park, California. Dozens of organizations come together every year to provide information about mountain lions to local citizens and to fundraise for the world’s largest wildlife overpass – the Liberty Canyon Crossing.

This year, SaveLACougars asked the Mountain Lion Foundation to expand our presence and fill one of the largest tents at the event. Our staff and volunteers spoke with hundreds of people about coexistence, safety at home and on the trail, and how to protect pets and livestock from mountain lions. We had the pleasure of meeting new and long-term members, and we gave updates on the Foundation’s 2019 programs.

The Foundation built a mountain lion-proof enclosure. This year, because Betina Loudermilk, the pen had some adorable occupants: miniature pygmy goats. We raised awareness on one of the most significant causes of mortality for lions in California – depredation.

Hazing DevicesOver the course of the event, the Mountain Lion Foundation gave away over 500 hazing devices. Hundreds of people made their own noisemakers while our staff and volunteers gave safety demonstrations on how to properly use them in the event that they encounter a mountain lion or coyote while hiking on the trail. Air blaster horns were also demonstrated, and over 150 people went home well equipped to use one of these potentially life-saving devices.Mountain Lion Foundation was also requesting support from the public on our petition to list Southern California and Central Coast mountain lions under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA). Dozens of event goers took the time to pen more than 40 handwritten letters of support for the CESA petition that will be sent to the California Fish & Game Commission.

Postcard to Thank a Wildlife OfficerMore than 100 people wrote special thanks to California’s CDFW Wildlife Officers for the work they do to help wildlife populations thrive.The Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing is scheduled for completion by 2023. To date, 2,122 people have donated and $13,652,247 has been raised for the crossing. This campaign needs $85,000,000 by 2020. To learn more about the Liberty Canyon Crossing visit SaveLACougars.org.

At the request of the National Wildlife Federation and the National Parks Service, the Volunteer helping with pen buildMountain Lion Foundation contributes directly to the Wildlife Crossing effort by working consistently with communities on both sides of the proposed crossing to safeguard pets and livestock. The crossing will be ineffective if mountain lions are killed for preying on unprotected domestic animals and populations continue to decline. To support this effort, visit MountainLion.org/GIVE

The Foundation could not have had such a successful exhibit without the help of hardworking volunteers who worked their tails off all day. Thank you to Denise Lafey, Alex Miranda, Robin Parks, Brandon Friedlander, Tracy Mainwaring, and Miriam Seger. Special thanks to Tracy and Brandon who volunteered over 30 hours each in the span of two days. We are very grateful to Betina Loudermilk of the Tierra del Sol Foundation who brought the miniature pygmy goats for our exhibit.

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