Dec 16, 2021
MLF donates pens for Boonville, CA high school farm

In the wake of recent depredations of the Anderson Valley High School FFA goat herd, the Mountain Lion Foundation has partnered with the Anderson Valley School District to install two 10×20 foot pens.

The Ukiah Journal reports:

Boonville school to receive free pens to help protect goats from predators

Mountain Lion Foundation plans to install the pens Friday

In an effort to prevent more goats being killed at the Anderson Valley High School farm, the Mountain Lion Foundation reported that it will be donating and installing two livestock pens at the school in Boonville this Friday.

“We are pleased to offer AVHS a gift of two, 10-feet by 20-feet, predator-proof livestock pens,” wrote Dylan Henriksen of the Mountain Lion Foundation, a group which offered the pens last week in response to Anderson Valley School District Superintendent Louise Simson’s request for help after three goats were reportedly attacked by a mountain lion at her school. One goat was injured and two were killed.

Henriksen explained that the offer had been accepted by Simson and teacher Beth Swehla on Dec. 10, and that the group planned to install the pens on Dec. 17. She added that “California Department of Fish and Wildlife Regional Biologist Dr. Thomas Batter, who has been in collaboration with the Mountain Lion Foundation on this case, has volunteered his time to assist in building the structure.”

Read the rest at the Ukiah Journal.

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