Jun 17, 2023
2023 Member Survey Recap

“Keep up the good work!”

That was the most common response to this open-ended question in our most recent supporter survey: “Do you have any additional comments or suggestions that you’d like to pass along to the Mountain Lion Foundation’s staff and board?”

This sentiment also came through in several other variations, including “Never quit!” and this enthusiastic endorsement: “the platinum organization for mountain lions!”

In the United States, there are 16 states with breeding populations of mountain lions. Calculating the total land mass of those 16 states brings us to just a notch over 1.4 billion acres that we need to keep an eye on.

As you can imagine, tracking the opportunities and issues that can arise across that much land takes perseverance, prioritization and planning.

The member survey we conducted in May 2023 was one of several steps in a comprehensive strategic planning process for our organization. With hundreds of our current supporters responding, this survey gave us a great pulse on the work that our members want us to focus on, which is: everything.

We asked you to rank 11 different aspects of mountain lion protection on a scale of 1-5, and nothing received lower than an average of “4.”

Okay, we’re on it!

Seeing your passion for lions, your willingness to get involved, and your appreciation for the hard work that predator protection can entail has offered so much inspiration.

You expressed your strong and enduring love for mountain lions in many ways, including:

    • “Mountain lions are beautiful, intelligent, and powerful creatures. I love everything about them.”
    • “I believe that mountain lions are an important part of the ecosystem, and I want to do everything I can to protect them.”
    • “I am a huge fan of mountain lions, and I am always excited to see them in the wild.”


You saw the need to work in three key areas: (1) advocating for species and habitat protection, (2) changing perceptions about mountain lions, and (3) encouraging people to adopt coexistence strategies.

    • “We need to advocate for mountain lion protection at all levels of government.”
    • “Education is key to changing people’s perceptions of mountain lions.”
    • “We need to find ways to coexist with mountain lions so that both humans and these majestic creatures can live safely.”


Your willingness to get personally involved in mountain lion protection efforts was impressive. Here are just a couple of examples:

    • “I believe that mountain lions have a place in our world, and I will do everything I can to protect them.”
    • “I have been writing articles for our local papers and am very impressed with the positive feedback I am getting. I credit your foundation for giving me the courage to speak out and become an advocate for these creatures.”


And, finally, we appreciated the hope and optimism in so many of your wishes for the future of mountain lions and our natural world:

    • “The hand of humanity is everywhere but it would be good to teach our children that nature, separate from human intervention, has a process of its own that creates beautiful things.”
    • “I am hopeful that the Mountain Lion Foundation’s work will ensure the future of these amazing animals.”
    • “I believe that mountain lions can coexist with humans if we all work together.”


To everyone who participated in our survey, thank you for the valuable and insightful feedback.

Watch this space as we look forward to sharing our new strategic plan later this summer. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to support and engage in the Mountain Lion Foundation’s important work in the coming years — we can’t do this work without you!

To support the Mountain Lion Foundation and its work for imperiled mountain lions, become a Puma Protector.

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