Aug 18, 2023
Planning for a Positive Impact

Your action today will improve the outlook for America’s lion

A legacy gift to the Mountain Lion Foundation can spread the message to those who may never have stopped to consider the irreplaceable role that mountain lions play in our ecosystems. These majestic carnivores are essential to maintaining the delicate balance of our food webs and ensuring the health and vibrance of our ecosystems. The very life of our planet depends upon a healthy population of apex carnivores, and the mountain lion is America’s very own. She is ours to admire, to respect, to protect.

An estate gift helps us develop and expand our protections for mountain lions, increase understanding and empathy, and educate people about the value of coexistence with these remarkable animals. To explore various planned giving options, visit

Legacy Donor Spotlight: Chris Tromborg’s passion for cats

Chris Tromberg has advocated for big cats in myriad ways since 1969. In the early 1970s, Chris was part of a group of California conservationists who united to propose a ban on legal mountain lion hunting formed The Coalition To Save The California Mountain Lion. The Coalition (which ultimately became the Mountain Lion Foundation) wanted to gather a scientifically determined lion population estimate and allow for behavioral research by means other than those using the scope of a rifle. Chris became deeply involved in the campaign to pass Assembly Bill 660, the successful passing of which began a moratorium on cougar hunting that lasted for years.

After experiencing vision failure, Chris embarked on a career of providing Behavioral Enrichment through environmental engineering for captive animals. Ultimately, developing complex, interactive environments for tigers – environments that allowed captive tigers to behave as much like free-living tigers as possible – to other projects that investigated the effects of providing acoustic prey. Chris went on to receive a doctorate in psychobiology from UC Davis and develop an academic program teaching in the area of captivity and behavior.

Chris has made a tremendous, lasting gift by committing to leave a portion of his legacy to the Mountain Lion Foundation to improve the state of nature, specifically cougars. As Chris put it, “I would like to express my gratitude to the lions of the Americas for providing me with a reason to persevere. In gratitude, I promise to continue to do as much as I can to ensure their future survival and to promote the greater knowledge of and respect for this remarkable creature which is America’s lion.”

We are grateful to Chris and to everyone who has remembered us in their estate plans.

At work for lions in perpetuity

Since 1986, the Mountain Lion Foundation has raised awareness about the importance of mountain lions and their habitats, advocated for policies that protect them, and supported coexistence with these remarkable creatures.

Your legacy gift can create a future where mountain lions and their habitats are protected and thriving. The Mountain Lion Foundation’s education, outreach, and activism is critical, and your legacy gift is so important to everything we do.

Conservation advocacy: We work with policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels to advocate for policies that protect mountain lions and their habitats. From supporting efforts to reduce human-wildlife conflict to pushing for more protective, science-based regulations on hunting and trapping, we are on the frontlines of conservation advocacy.

Public education: We develop educational materials that spark appreciation for mountain lions and convey the need to preserve their habitats. We speak at public events, host workshops, and share information broadly through our website, newsletters, webinars, and social media presence.

Practical coexistence support: We promote effective preventative measures to resolve perceived human-lion conflicts. We urge the public and relevant agencies to fully appreciate lions as a vital and indispensable apex species deserving preservation rather than exploitation.

The Mountain Lion Foundation succeeds thanks to the support of people like you who recognize the importance of preserving our natural world and protecting the creatures that call it home. With your gift, we will continue to educate the public about the importance of mountain lions, support coexistence, and advocate for policies that protect their habitats and promote their long-term survival.

The Mountain Lion Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is in full compliance with all federal and state tax and filing requirements.

Provide this information to your attorney:

Legal Name: Mountain Lion Foundation

EIN: 94 3015360

Address: PO Box 1896, Sacramento, CA 95812

Suggested language for your will:

“I give and bequeath to the Mountain Lion Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation with principal offices presently located at PO Box 1896, Sacramento, CA 95812, the sum of $____, or ___% of my estate, to be used for its general purposes (or for a specific purpose as indicated).

Your legacy means so much to us, and we will make sure your gift is used in the most meaningful way possible. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or visit

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