Sep 13, 2023
Seeking artists
Put your design skills to work for cougars

First question, do you love mountain lions? You’re here, so, of course, you do!

Next question, do you have graphic design talent that you could contribute toward helping mountain lions?

The Mountain Lion Foundation is seeking a design for our next t-shirt that will be created in partnership with For the Love of All Things. Submissions will be reviewed by Mountain Lion Foundation Executive Director R. Brent Lyles and a selection of staff and volunteers.

If your design is selected, we’ll send you a shirt in the style of your choice.

What We Are Looking For
    • Your own original artistic design, suitable for printing on a t-shirt
    • A design that features a mountain lion and fosters appreciation and respect for mountain lions, or promotes coexistence with mountain lions
Submission Deadline
    • October 10, 2023
Submission Guidelines
    • Maximum 4 colors
    • Vector file Ai (Illustrator) or Raster (Photoshop) with only solid colors (no gradients or transparencies)
    • No shape less than 1pt thick
    • Please submit a JPEG or JPG; maximum 3MB; with a minimum of 1200 pixels on the longest side. Finalist will be asked to submit a file that is 300 dpi & no bigger than 12 in x 12 in.
Submission Instructions
    • Images must adhere to the following format: JPEG or JPG; maximum 3MB; with a minimum of 1200 pixels on the longest side.
    • Please label your file as such: Lastname_DesignTitle. Titles may be shortened to avoid long file names and they should be given without spaces in the file name. (The image titled A Little Cougar in the Rain by Maria Martínez would have this file name: Martinez_LittleCougar.jpg.)
    • When completing the submission form, be ready to provide your name, your mailing address, a short bio (under 200 words) and a short description of your design inspiration (under 200 words).


By entering, entrants automatically accept the conditions of the competition; the winner(s) grant the Mountain Lion Foundation nonexclusive right to use and reproduce images for promotional purposes (e.g. website and social media) No royalties or compensation would be paid for these purposes.

With questions or for further information, please contact

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