Dec 5, 2023
Looking Forward to 40 More Years of the Mountain Lion Foundation

We are excited to share a very special message from Sharon Negri, the Mountain Lion Foundation’s founding Director. We are grateful for her continued partnership, and we hope you are inspired to action by her message. You’ll also find an informational sheet about where we are concerned for mountain lions, and where we find hope for their future.

Donate Today!

As the holiday season approaches, we are especially thankful for our members. We ask those who share our deep appreciation for mountain lions to come together by making a special year-end donation in support of our continued efforts on behalf of these magnificent creatures — so that they may not only survive, but flourish in the wild. We hope you will honor us with a year-end gift today.

As you know, we design our programs to raise awareness about the importance of mountain lions and their habitats, advocate for policies that protect them, and support coexistence with these remarkable creatures. Through education, outreach and activism, we are working to create a future where mountain lions and their habitats are protected and thriving.

The Mountain Lion Foundation succeeds because people like you cherish our beautiful big cats and recognize the importance of standing up to preserve our natural world and protect the creatures that call it home.

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