May 3, 2024
Call for Applicants! The Return of Coexistence Camp, June 28-30
The Mountain Lion Foundation is expanding our cohort of Coexistence Ambassadors! These incredible humans are proactive advocates for mountain lions where they live. Ambassadors receive in-depth, hands-on training at Coexistence Camps in working ranch/agricultural environments.


Our next  Camp will take place in Mendocino County, California on June 28-30. We want you to apply!


The Mountain Lion Foundation launched the Coexistence Ambassador program in 2023, and last year’s Ambassadors are out there right now, fostering coexistence in a number of different ways – they attend public events to staff a Mountain Lion Foundation table, write letters to their elected officials or to the local newspaper editor, help local producers install lion deterrents to protect their livestock, make public presentations about mountain lions, help their neighbors make good choices when mountain lions are seen or encountered in their community, advocate for lion safety on social media, and much more.


We now have trained Ambassadors in six different states.


If you are a passionate proponent of living peacefully with lions, and you want to increase your impact on their behalf, we invite you to apply for this special opportunity in northern California. Travel funds are available! We welcome applicants from anywhere in the U.S.



Space is limited. Please apply soon. 


Husking and table time at Coexistence Camp 2023. Image by Lynn Mason.
Coexistence Ambassador, Julie Marshall, loving a resident lamb. Image courtesy of Sean Hoover.
Group hike and wildlife tracking exercise in the Mendocino wilderness. Image by Ubaldo Hernandez.

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