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Mountain Lion Spying 101


Learn how to get started with camera trapping to discover the wildness in your backyard! "Camera trapping" refers to movement-triggered cameras that are set up in remote areas to capture pictures of wildlife without requiring a person to push the button. Dr. Hari Viswanathan has been an amateur wildlife photographer for 30 years.

Livestock Guardian Dogs: An Ancient Solution to Modern Wildlife Conflicts


Livestock Guardian Dogs are a new addition to ranching culture in the United States, with the wider scale use of dogs implemented as recently as the 1970’s. Their place as a cultural staple of coexistence around the world, however, stretches back thousands of years. Join Gowan Batist, our Coexistence Programs Manager, to learn why this … Continue reading "Livestock Guardian Dogs: An Ancient Solution to Modern Wildlife Conflicts"

Purr-fect Puma Crossings


Ahíga Sandoval, Co-Principal and Field Operations Manager at Pathways for Wildlife, will share new research about how mountain lions are using highway crossings along Highway 395 and Highway 17 in California. By watching Ahíga’s terrific video footage, you’ll see several lion families, witness cubs growing up over time, and be amazed by a menagerie of … Continue reading "Purr-fect Puma Crossings"