Feb 11, 2021
The Animal Guide to Finding Love and Raising Kids

The Animal Guide to Finding Love and Raising Kids with Dr. Jennifer Verdolin 

Presented February 11, 2021

When it comes to dating, relationships, and family life, it seems us humans have some challenges. From fearing rejection to not knowing if someone really likes us, navigating our romantic lives can be a complicated affair. And just when we think we’ve got it all worked out, we start a family and things really get difficult. Whether it’s figuring out how and if to breastfeed (and for how long) or settling disputes between siblings, there are a myriad of issues parents have to figure out. This is where other species can help. Using animal behavior provides a contextual prism to view what is happening in other species and be more objective about what is going on in our own. Through this biological lens, we can explore different ideas of what it takes to have a successful relationship, what it means to parent, and why and how these behaviors evolved in humans and other species, with a special look at mountain lions. The truth is that other animals have a lot to teach us about love, relationships, and this thing called family.

Widely regarded animal behavior scientist, author, and science communicator, Jennifer has been a featured guest on BBC Earth Podcast, National Public Radio, and many others. From 2014-2018 she had a recurring role as a radio personality on the nationally syndicated D.L Hughley Show, hosted by American Peabody award-winning comedian, D.L. Hughley.

After the publication of her two nonfiction popular science books, Wild Connection and Raised by Animals, Jennifer has been using her expertise to contribute to the development and production of documentaries. From Animals in Love (Oxford Scientific Films) to Spy in the Wild (John Downer Productions) and Animal Social Networks (Rotating Planet Productions), Jennifer has been a scientific consultant, writer, researcher, and on-screen contributor. She also writes for Psychology Today and is an Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona.

Aside from being sought after to contribute to media projects, Jennifer is an engaging speaker, delighting and sharing with audiences the lessons we can learn from other animals to improve our lives, relationships, and families. Her appearances have included places like the world-renowned 92nd St Y in New York City. Delivering engaging science is her specialty whether it’s in print, on the radio, on screen, or in front of a live audience.

Website: www.jenniferverdolin.com

Twitter: @RealDrJen

Instagram: @RealDrJen

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